September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Useless UN – Impotent OIC!

Those of you who watched Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Dato Seri Hamid Albar’s interview session on RTM1 must surely have felt the same disgust and heartache that I felt, listening to him saying that there’s nothing that the OIC can do about the Israeli regime’s blatant continuing systematic and wholescale bombing and destruction of an OIC member nation that is Lebanon!

I want to ask ‘What is the point for any country to be a member of any bloody organisation if that organisation doesn’t come forward to it’s defense collectively when being attacked by a rogue entity called Israel that doesn’t give a hoot about the United Nations, the OIC or the cuckolded Arab League’?

I mean, the very purpose in joining any organisation is to get benefits and mutual protection if and when something untowards takes place on the member, isn’t it?

When you join a particular group, you expect to gain some benefits from your membership. The irony here is that the United Nations, the world’s largest political grouping of nations seems powerless to act against the illegitimate ‘State of Israel’ and since Day 1 of it’s coming into being, the Zionist regime masquarading as a bona fide nation has not acknowledged the authority of the UN and totally ignored any of the UN’s resolutions against it!

Compare that recalcitrant regime’s undisguised contempt towards any of the UN’s resolutions and the UN’s uselessness of being to the constant threat of sanctions and military actions against the Islamic Republic of Iran lately for wanting to develop nuclear energy for their country’s energy needs!

See the very obvious and criminal double standards?

The United Nations is an organisation that is clearly biased, racist and totally manipulated by the USA, UK and European Union.

The Security Council headed by the USA since its inception has always vetoed against any of the UN’s resolutions against Israel and will do so till Doomsday!

To see and hear Hamid Albar try to show reason why the Oh I See can’t do nothing much to stop the massacre of the innocent civilians and citizens of Lebanon, an Oh I See member nation disgusted me so much that I almost puked!

What a cowardly bunch of losers we have as our leaders? What a spineless, scared to death imbeciles we have pretending to be the voice of the Ummah?

What kind of a moronus ignoramus do we have as the Chairman of the OIC and unashamedly holding on to the leadership of a beleagured 56 members grouping of gutless Muslim nations!

If you can’t do the job of protecting your member nations, what’s the point of having the Oh I See?

Disband the Oh I See and get back to the basics! Each take care of it’s own since the grouping can’t even swat a fly from a Zionist’s backside or have the balls to even go and pluck a nostril hair from the Israelis!

I have to say this. The Israeli regime have managed to kick the Arabs asses all these while because they are resolute and hardworking in expanding their ill gotten gains from the Palestinian Muslims and if they wanted to can annihilate the entire Middle East Arab nations in one nuclear strike from Tel Aviv and not one single OIC leader will even have the courage to do anything!

Singapore as a tiny nation republic south of Johor have taken the Israelis as their military advisors based on the Zionist regime’s success in growing from strength to strength and their unprecedented technological and tactical advancements in the field of military research and development!

Here in Malaysia, the National Service youngsters who have been in training only got to hold an M16 and learn to use the weapon just recently were subject to so much opposing views and voices as to whether it’s necessary for them to learn how to handle firearms.

Are these bleeding idiots who objected to the NS Firearms training expecting to repel any future invaders of this land with handkerchiefs or their coconut palm frond broomsticks?

Malaysians do R & D too …they come up with inventions also. So far, there’s been a durian opening tool, a go kart, remote controlled car, erm…what else arr?…Aiya…too many..cock and bull inventions to name…

Ahh..yes! The Malaysia Book of Records!…Wow..Sure to make us proud…the highest teh tarik…the longest buffet…the largest roti canai…erm..what else arr….ah!…the largest chair …the stupidest …this and that…don’t wanna go into that’s damn depressing to dwell on this nation’s infatuation to fool itself and it’s gullible very early in this Wednesday morning!

Back to my lambasting the Oh I See!

Is that all we are capable of? Just spend so much money, time and resources in holding conferences after conferences whilst the poor Lebanese and Palestinians are being massacred right in front of all the tv and media cameras?

I just don’t know what else to say! The irony is that now , the powers that be want to shut us up and ask us to bury our heads into the sand and listen to their bullshit and swallow whatever propaganda they dish out to us!

Typical sucking up to doongoos mentality! Soy siow eh lau kau! Ptuiii!

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