April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Bloggers – Blog responsibly and take charge!

I wish to advice my fellow Malaysian Bloggers to take heed of the imminent clampdown on our blogs by the government which has threatened to muzzle us from speaking out as we please!

Unlike the example shown by Islam’s first Caliph, Saiyidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq when appointed as the Khalifah of Muslims, today’s leaders are stricken with the mimosa pudica syndrome!

Saiyidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq , who was unanimously elected by the Muslims after the Prophet Muhammad’s passing away as the first Khalifah said to the masses :

I am not the best from amongst you but as per the wish of the Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, I hereby accept this heavy responsibility to be your leader. I do ask that you obey me and follow me if I am on the right path shown by Allah the Almighty and His Messenger Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

I also ask that you correct me if I were to ever digress from the path of Al-Haqq (the Truth)!’

Saiyidina Umar Al Khattab, a Companion and another father in law of the Prophet SAW rose and unsheathed his sword, pointed it to him and spoke to the newly appointed Khalifah these words : ‘ Insya Allah! I will correct you with this sword if you ever were to do so!’

Compare the scenario and example of the leaders of Muslims back then and our ‘touch me not’s’ of today! Can you even imagine speaking like that and admonishing the Prime Minister or any ministers of our nation in that same manner and tone?

You’d be pounced upon by the UTK @ Unit Tindakan Khas before you could say a word! Handcuffed and bludgeoned to bits by them into a pulp!

What more say anything even remotely similar to what Saiyidina Umar Al Khattab spoke?

What a bloody shame! It has come to be true what the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam foretold to us 1427 years ago where he spoke of the coming of the Last Ages ‘where there will come a time when women will be dressed but yet look naked and there will be those with whips lashing out at the people!’

We all know that the hadith about womenfolk of today who are dressing themselves with clothes but yet still exposing more and more flesh in their socalled pursuit of the latest fashions and trends but end up looking as if they are naked!

Now , we can see the second part of the hadith coming true as more and more harsh laws are set up to punish the people by those in power!

This brings to us the reality of what the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam foretold to us, his Ummah of the Last Ages!

So, fellow Bloggers of Malaysia, ” Think before you type!”

Press enter only if you have it in you to stand by what you post and publish to the world your ideas and opinions!

Best of luck to each and everyone of you. Big Brother’s watching us!

Happy blogging! Your IP address is being monitored just the same as mine!

Remember that in reality , Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala watches over them and every living being all over the Universe 24 /7!

Who’s watching whom, eh? My best regards to our resident angels , Raqib on our right and ‘Atid on our left! They are constantly with us recording each and everything we say or do or even think!

Now, how’s that for the best surveillance and monitoring standards? Hehehehe…

Stay cool folks. We really need to be. Cheers!

Just as a reminder of what the Malaysian Government promised us all when they launched the Multimedia Super Corridor :


The Malaysian Government commits to:-

  • Provide state-of-the-art physical and information infrastructure
  • Allow unrestricted and user-friendly employment of local and foreign knowledge workers;
  • Ensure freedom of ownership within the MSC zone to accelerate the growth of the MSC and enhance its attractiveness to world-class companies;
  • Allow freedom of sourcing capital globally for MSC infrastructure and freedom of borrowing funds;
  • Provide competitive financial incentives including no income tax or an investment tax allowance for up to 10 years tax exemption, and umlimited duty-free importation of multimedia equipment;
  • Protection for intellectual property rights;
  • Become a regional leader in international property protection and cyberlaws;
  • Ensure no censorship of the Internet;
  • Telecommunication costs will compete with US telecoms rates and special time- or distance-independent tariff structures will be developed for MSC companies to ensure global competitiveness;
  • Provision for gas, water and electricity supplies by reliable local utilities companies;
  • Tender key MSC infrastructure contracts to leading companies willing to use MSC as their regional hub
  • Provide a high-powered implementation agency, the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) to act as an effective one-stop shop;
  • A dramatic increase in the number of technical and business professionals graduating from Malaysian universities;
  • Multimedia University and the MSC campuses of top IT universities.
  • Also, all schools within the MSC will be connected to the Internet;
  • Creation of Cyberlaws covering electronic commerce, digital signatures, intellectual property protection, computer crime, telemedicine, and electronic government;
  • Creation of university-company partnerships to educate and train potential employees in specific skills.

Source : http://www.kiat.net/msc/

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