September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Blogs are causing Newspapers to lose big time!

There you have it! Malay Mail has published it’s first attack and attempt to undermine the terrific impact blogs are making on the worldwideweb and the way the powers that be who have been dictating to the newspapers to only publish what they want readers to read and know all this while since coming into being!

The truth of how main newspapers today feel so threatened by the emergence of free opinions and their unimagined loss of readership and reduction of their newspaper sales today!

This is the result of more and more people who are now reading blogs and not buying the ‘daily bull’ anymore!

I used to buy newspapers daily before and they just piled up in a corner of my home taking up unnecessary space and creating another chore in disposing them off to the nearest recycling centre! Talk about added chores and hassle in getting rid of them! Well, not anymore!

Blogs are a boon to those who value learning about the latest news from so many perspectives and sources! Those who read newspapers only have to settle for the ‘edited and whitewashed’ opinions of the editors of newspapers who have to ‘toe the line’ of the authorities and thus dish out to us biased, distorted and brainwashing done in a manner in which the readers unwittingly swallow the ‘news’ hook, line and sinker!

That’s old world! Today, with the advent of blogs and alternative news websites, we, the bloggers of this nation and who now have a global readership, get to present our side of the coin!

It is true that some blogs do talk trash and are not worth our time but most blogs out there as we know are regulated by their hosts and as far as the Petaling Street Project is concerned, the host has stated upfront that any blogs listed there which are found to be continuosly publishing false news and contents that are malicious, libellious, and offensive in terms that are not fit for publishing will be removed, banned and if needed be can be taken action against!

Not that it has not happened! A blogger was taken action against for publishing insulting remarks against ‘Islam Hadhari’ by the authorities after he posted those comments in this nation’s # 1 blog !

Well, that is all history now and we know that there are blogs out there which need to be monitored by whoever is responsible towards maintaining National Security and all that!

My principle is that we bloggers need to be responsible in standing behind what we say or share!

We are liable to be sued, taken action against and held responsible for any consequences arising from what we publish!

Any postings we publish must be based upon facts or reliable sources failing which then we must have the balls to face any reaction from any party out there no matter how many ‘disclaimers’ we put upfront in our respective blogs!

Disclaimers are just the cowardly way out ! I do not believe in that!

We see disclaimers in every bloody thing out there!That’s chickenshit in practice!

You go park your car in a proper parking lot, pay your fees and what do you get?

‘This parking management is not liable for any damage, injuries, theft of your vehicle, contents and belongings left in the vehicle, loss of life and limb to any vehicle or its owner, driver and passengers whilst being in these premises!’

They take your money and then say that they are not to be held liable towards your car, your belongings, your life, whatsoever! To me, that’s serious shirking of responsibilities!

Just the same as in blogging. You can’t publish something and put a disclaimer on what you post!

The Malay saying:

‘Kalau takut di lambong ombak ; jangan berumah di tepian pantai’! means :

” If you are scared of being tossed by the waves ; do not build your home by the seashore !”

You shall reap what you sow! A famous proverb that is so very true!

Only useless, spineless, cowards and scum of this earth would hide behind a pseudonym and publish or post insensitive comments or postings that insult, belittle, defame, curse and cuss without rhyme or reason and DARE NOT publish their true identities for fear of being taken action against them!

I am all for the revealing of each bloggers identity and to stand liable behind each posting, comment and news that we, the bloggers post, print and publish to the worldwideweb!

Those who do not have the conviction and the moral sense of responsibility to stand up behind what they blog should best just stay away from publishing anything sensitive or controversial!

The way certain blogs are getting more than a million hits daily ; are making newspapers lose money in the long run as less and less people are buying the printed newspapers by each passing day hence the Malay Mail onslaught against the blogging world!

Governments who try to keep the truth away from their citizens are feeling the heat from all the exposes being done by blogs such as Malaysia Today , Screenshots , Agenda Daily , BeritaKMU.Net and many other online blogs and alternative news portals!

The more you try to suppress blogs and alternative websites because your integrity , your pockets and wallets are being depleted by the day, the more the blogosphere will be favored by the nation’s truthseekers and freedom seeking citizens!

The year is 2006 now ; not the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000 onwards anymore ; where you can bullshit the people and get away with it!

Today, news come from all sources! Sources that will not kowtow to your dictates and even kids as young as 5 years old are getting exposure to the internet and online information, sms, wireless and satellite transmissions !

You think you can censor it all? Dream on!

Newspapers and Editors toeing the line best wake up to the reality of today! Blogs are here to stay and say what you will, they will forever be the people’s choice no matter that you go and seek a few person’s in the streets opinions, it is not gonna dishearten us any one bit!

Viva Bloggers! Go for the jugular! I say it’s high time we bloggers get ourselves organised and set up a Malaysian Bloggers Association!

😛 That way, they can come get us easily if we have any ‘diarrhoea of the oops! I screwed up!’

Hehehehe…anyone game to join the MBA? Fuyoo..sounds professional, eh?

Bloggers can have their namecards with the Malaysian Bloggers Association under their names!

Anybody interested to join? Email me at .

I will contact our nation’s taikors in the blogosphere to set this up if there are enough of those who have the balls or the spine to join us to set up this association.

Regulation is just a mark of responsiblity. I am sure we bloggers are just that! Have no fear!

Speak the truth or shut the hell up! Those who are not up to it best would be to just zip it!

Don’t give the ‘main media’ room to besmear our reputations! Be proud and brave to stand behind your blogs as the major bloggers of this nation have proved themselves to be!

As for Mahaguru58, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala stands witness to my stand. I take responsibilty to whatever I say or share in my blog!

Wa lillahi Ta’ala hi Rabbil ‘Alameen! La haula wa la quwwata illa billah hil aliyyil adheem!

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