September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Pak Lah’s Dilemna! What should I do?

What am I going to do? Lebanese are being killed and no one seems to be able to stop the Zionists?

The UN is unable to do anything! America isn’t going to stop the Israelis! In fact they are Israelis main bombs supplier!

OIC is not really able to do anything! ASEAN can only sit, talk and eat at 5 star hotels. Cannot do anything else!

Al-Qaeda’s Ayman al Zawahari is calling for Jihad!!!

What am I to do? Who should I call? Hello! Anybody there?
What am I gonna do? Pening kepala! …I feel a migraine coming!

Khairi Jamaludin my son in law is gonna hold a mass demonstration against the American’s support for Israel tomorrow at the KLCC Masjid As Syakirin after Friday prayers! Aiyaaa…..who should I call? The Ghostbusters?

Somebody help me! Give me an answer. Give me the strength to do something really concrete about the Zionists rampage over there in Lebanon!

Can I as the OIC Chairman call my member countries to wage war over the Israelis? Or will that bring on a world wide war triggering a massive American and its gang of Crusaders all out assault upon the Muslims worldwide?

Will the Muslims rise up if I call them to defend our fellow Muslims being massacred right at this moment in Lebanon? Will the Arabs regain their spirit of Jihad if I issue the clarion call to go kick the Zionists ass?

Am I capable of doing the impossible? Regain the Muslims honor? Am I Hang Jebat material ?

Should I just keep quiet as my fellow Muslims all over the world are focusing their attention towards me and awaiting my decision about this Israelis blatant disregard to world opinion?

What should I do? Give me a sign..a clue…for right now I am feeling so blue…

~~~~ Could that be what our Commander in Chief is pondering ?…Give me a clue…

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