April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Condemning Israel! Does it change anything at all?

For all the condemnations that PM Abdullah Badawi is now stating in the press and media lately, it doesn’t change a simple thing at all as far as the Israelis are concerned!

Not a single hair on any Israeli is gonna be even disturbed or plucked even if the current OIC and Asean Chairman invokes the Mother of all Condemnations upon the Israeli regime!

Here we see the Israelis inviting their fellow occupiers of Palestinian lands put their signatures and curses upon the Lebanese on the American supplied bombs destined to be dropped onto the Lebanese cities and blast to bits innocent lifes and smash to smithereens, their homes, their possessions, childrens, families and proof of their existence from this Earth!

Click on the link of the topic above to see the truth of Israeli atrocities that are not shown in the main media!

Be prepared to be shocked and wake up to the real deal behind the Zionists attacks!

“Thanks to the USA for supplying the cluster bombs, chemical bombs and very soon napalm bombs meant to scorch the Lebanese people to be just ashes and burnt out corpses meant to decorate the grounds so the Chosen people can come in to set up their kibbutz and set about the foundations for a Greater Israel.

All Abdullah Badawi and his OIC, ASEAN,NAM and whatever other funds wasting, time wasting hot air organisations can do is just that …observe and condemn!…Ooooo …the Zionists are shivering in their boots at the strength of these condemnations upon them!”

Is condemning Israel gonna reverse the serious damage and loss of lifes that the Zionists Israelis have and are inflicting upon the civilian populations of Lebanon and Palestinians all these 5 decades?

Are the Muslims of this world castrated and reduced to whimpering fools as demonstrated by their socalled Organisation of Islamic Conference? Ah Yes! I overlooked that! They have from day one expressed their objectives so very clearly!

How could I be so hopeful that the 56 socalled Islamic countries can ever do anything ? Damn!They can only sit their fat asses and conference year in , year out without doing any reprisal attacks against the Israelis!

So, Muslims of the world, face the facts! Your so called ‘Ulul Amri’ are useless ‘kopi tiam’ debaters and they are gonna sacrifice the whole lot of you to the ravages of the Israelis and their Americans, British and European Crusaders designs on the oil rich Middle East lands.

It’s good that there are Muslims out there who have the balls to fend for themselves and willing to fight for their honor and die for their freedom and protect their lands no matter that the odds against them are so lopsided as it is!

They are labelled as ‘terrorists’ for defending their own lands and ignored by their so called Brothers in Islam as we can see that there’s no mass build up of coalition Muslim forces at the moment for no other reason than serious division of their hearts and enmity between them brewing for centuries since the times of the Prophets!

Is it any wonder that a rogue regime set up only since the 1920s can kick their Arabian asses all these while without any Arabian leader worth his name having the guts to take on the Zionists!

Please do not dare to dream or imagine that the OIC, ASEAN, NAM or even the UN will even lift a boneless finger to stop the Yahuds and the Nasarah’s from obliterating the Lebanese, Palestinians, Iraqis and Iranians after this !

Wonder what’s going on in these poor Lebanese boys heads as they sit , bleeding and shell shocked from the Zionists bombs that have killed their families, destroyed their homes and blasted their hopes for a peaceful future because the so called Muslim b’leaders have forsaken them and have no guts to wage war upon the Zionist bastards?
What do you think these boys will feel growing up scarred for life by their traumatic experience being victimised by the world’s major terror regime given protection and patronage by the greatest terror organisation in the world, sitting atop Capitol Hill, Washington, USA?

I have no more respect for the OIC, UN, ASEAN or NAM or whatever as they all stand idly by and watch more and more innocent people die and get labelled as ‘terrorists’ as they die , bleeding and broken on their very lands on which they were born! What a pity?

I don’t understand why the UN which is supposed to protect the people and nations of the world from the criminal wars being waged upon them stands idly by and does nothing to stop the Israeli regime or give a damn about the veto of America, Britain or any other !#$%^&* country monopolising the so called Security Council in the UN?

Better change the meaning of the UN to be Useless Nincompoops!

Why is it that the world can be so silent against the perpetrators of mass genocide when it is happening right before their very eyes?

Muslims should support the Hezbullah and other brave organisations out there fighting against the Zionist invaders and form a coalition force to smash them to bits and obliterate the regime from the face of this earth!!!

Death to the Zionist bastards!!! May the power of JIHAD be with the Hezbullah! May they crush the enemies of Islam and avenge the lifes of all those who have perished as a reslut of the Israelis assaults upon Lebanon lately!

And to hell with the Conference of !#$%^& ! countries! Spineless and useless yellowbellied excuses for men! May they rot in their pants and kaffiyehs!

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