September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Islamophobia or Dementia? Itching for another May 13?

Lately, a growing number of Malaysia’s citizens seem to be hell bent in stoking the embers of a racial and religious conflict that saw this nation bleed and burnt on the tragic day of May the 13th, 1969!

Many of those who seem to be fanning the flames of religious and racial sentiments in alternative news blogs like Malaysia Today must have been small kids back then and didn’t really experience the disastrous endings for some of this nation’s civilians on that horrific day!

People were simply killed and burnt to death on account of them being of another race or faith!

The way I see some of these irresponsible bloggers give vent to their Islamophobia and racist tendencies is nothing short of a raging dementia that if left unchecked by those in authority could soon see the current trend of some Non Muslims and ‘those who are Muslims in name only’ ignite a volatile crisis that will destroy the fragile peace we now enjoy!

During these times where the world is witnessing the turn of events that are fast deteriorating especially in the Middle East where we have a bastard regime calling itself the ‘State of Israel’ when in reality it is a supplanted terror organisation of Zionist murderers who have robbed the rightful Palestinians of their lands and committing massacres of Muslim lifes as I type this in Lebanon, the bloggers in Malaysia Today seem to be itching for trouble to break out even here in Malaysia!

Muslims are being goaded into reacting to their taunts and insults almost in every post that touches on the status of Islam in this nation and the Bumiputra benefits accorded to the Malays.
This article in the Royal Malaysian Police website on the events leading to more than a 196 people killed and a further 149 seriously injured should wake these bloggers up to what they are inciting for!

Do these bloggers want to see this country break out in civil war and unrest? Are these bloggers brave enough to put their lifes and those of their beloved families in mortal danger in pursuit of these incisive and hurtful insults and comments upon us Muslims and our faith of Islam?

Are these demented lunatics brave enough to come out and face the repercussions that is sure to follow as a result of such hateful remarks they make using a pseudonym hiding cowardly yet throw such abrasive and damaging insults to us here in Malaysia?

Do not continue with such uncouth manners of expression for you know not what you are gonna get as a result of such venom you are spewing forth!

Bloggers need to be responsible towards each statement you make . I publish my photo, my name and even my contact number in my blog here for I believe in what I say to be fair comment and almost always hold back myself from commenting negatively on the faiths that others profess here except to state my objection to any attempts to join Islam with them.

It’s not that Muslims like me do not know how to mock and ridicule faiths such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and whatever other ‘ism’ for the simple fact that we Muslims are discouraged from insulting or mocking other creeds and religious thoughts by our faith.

I appeal to these ill informed bloggers, ‘Stop insulting Islam’ for if you persist ; remember that you are liable to face the consequences of having blood on your hands or on yourselves as a result of what you are inciting towards by your criminal actions of sparking religious and racial unrest in this nation by your caustic words.

Those behind the Article 11 and IFC proposals are in cahoots with sickos like the ones I am referring to and are on their way to creating civil unrest by interfering in the matters concerning Islam and Muslims.

When Muslims are showing restraint , please respect that and cease your unnecessary provocations.

Cherish the peace this country is currently enjoying and do not create mayhem for the sake of everyone here. Any further attempts of insulting Islam in this land will just draw us closer and closer to the brink of another tragedy like the 13th of May, 1969!

Is that what these bloggers are asking for?

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