September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

UPM Students Fracas – Shameful Mob Behaviour!

Click on the topic link above and watch for yourselves the quality of certain ‘students’ at UPM, terrorising their fellow students for ‘helping’ new freshmen albeit they being ‘unregistered’ to do so!

To me, that is not the type of university students this nation can be proud of for they are nothing but mobsters masquarading as the future leaders of this nation!

Malays are known traditionally as cultured people, full of social courtesy and being polite. Sadly this incident will surely put that notion to severe test for it betrays the lowest standard of social behaviour that even the chimps in Zoo Negara will not want to emulate!

Is this the quality of students that Universiti Putra Malaysia has as it’s Student Leader and his mob of foul behaving hooligans?

Damn! If it is so, then this nation is surely heading towards deep shit!

What subject are those idiots taking? Hooliganism 101?

Well, from the way they behave in that clip, they will surely graduate with flying colors! From being this nation’s future leaders , I dare say that this mob is sure destined for the dust heap!

That is not the way these Malay ‘students’ should take to solve whatever problems those Chinese students in UPM have created by trying to help their fellow students who have just enrolled into UPM!

Have they not learned from their parents as how to behave towards others what more their fellow students and citizens of this country?

The old Malay saying goes like this ‘ Kalau hendak menarik rambut dari tepong, rambut jangan sampai putus; tepong usah sampai berselerak!’

It means : ‘ If you want to remove a hair from the flour ; take precautions as not to break it and not to spill the flour’.

The hidden meaning is that we need to use our wisdom in whatever we do especially in delicate situations such as removing the hair from the flour. It is a graphic example of traditional Malay etiquette and admired social customs when dealing with sensitive problems.

Looks like those Malay UPM students are in the wrong institution. Pudu Jail would be a better place for them to study the consequences of their shameful behaviours!

No wonder this nation seems stuck in progress when you have such goons destroying the nation in it’s process!

What the hell is UPM gonna do about its criminal students actions?

Sweep it all under the carpet? Not that it’s not the norm for the local authorities as we all know.

Let’s just wait and see what is gonna take place or are we in for another comatose reaction?

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