September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysia’s History – Do not distort the past!

Can anyone deny that Malaysia today is where it is due to the joint efforts of the forefathers of today’s Malays, Chinese and Indians, plus other minorities such as the Sikhs, Ceylonese, Eurasians, Armenians, Europeans, etc?

Events that took place in the years before cannot be simply deleted from the pages of our history books and edited to suit our ideals as to what, who, why, which and other reasons that those events took place as they did!

Since the advent of the camera, however primitive it must have been before, these samples of pictorial records show how the 3 main different ethnicities lived and worked together to improve the quality of life for all Malayans until we finally achieved Independence from the British Colonialists.

Click on the pictures for a bigger view.

Times were hard back then but through a spirit of ‘live and let live’ our forefathers painstakingly carved out a decent place for all to live and co-exist with one another all these years , no matter that we are so different in our features and personalities. That’s the beauty of the spirit of Muhibbah that has grown so deeply into the very fibres of our Malaysian society.

To those who have a hidden agenda to wreak havoc on our present ethnic relations between the various races, please reconsider and think whether it is worth to destroy the fragile peace we have today by distorting the past and do as some countries did in trying to rewrite History!

The school textbooks must be prepared properly giving due mention to all those who sacrificed their lifes and record their noble deeds for the sake of the advancement of this nation.

The distortions must be corrected and justice must be seen to be served by destroying any of those history books which do not have the right records on print.

This distortion must be checked and corrected immediately for the sake of a stable future and continued spirit of co-operation amongst us.

Our forefathers sacrifices and contributions to this dynamic nation will surely be lost in the annals of time if attempts to delete them from being permanently recorded in our schools history books as solid proof that they too contributed their part in nation building are left unchecked!

The May 13 riots of 1969 serve as a strong reminder of how things can go seriously wrong if religious and racial sentiments are allowed to be stoked and people goaded into breaking out into similar riots and public disturbances as before!

Nip the problems in the bud and if possible have good relationships within the various ethnicities of this nation within the norms of a multi racial, multi religious country.

Religious aspects and nuances should best be kept on a very clear line just like stacking the fragile chicken eggs in the tray.

Each existing within their own private boundaries and separated by a small space of cardboard but all existing together in one tray!

That symbolism reflects Malaysia, our home and abode on this Earth!

The Minister of Higher Education should surely appreciate our reminders about this and he should get this slip up corrected as soon as possible.

Some folks always ask the Chinese or the Indian Malaysians to ‘return’ to their ancestral lands whenever any disagreements crop up and sensitive issues are being played out by those who love agitating and creating mayhem amongst us!

Can we ever go live in those foreign lands? China will never accept the Malaysian Chinese to ‘return’ home for they themselves are already up to their noses coping with their almost 2 billion citizens and the same goes to India!

We are all Malaysians. We may disagree and quarrel amongst ourselves over matters such as religion, racial, bumi quota, this and that! That is part and parcel of life!

We even have our differences amongst our family members and at times can’t stand the sight of them when we can’t come to a settlement. Can we sever our ties with our relatives?

We can’t, right? So, is the reality with us Malaysians, a rainbow of colors and attitudes! As long as we accord each other the rightful respect and consideration, I believe we can all just survive these testing times by remaining rational and settle our differences amicably!

Worse come to worse , just switch on your ‘ignore mode’ and just move ahead with our individual lifes! It will soon die down or just pass us by.

Life is a series of adjustments, people. We try and solve what we can , if we can, we get it settled.
If we can’t, just let it pass. No point in brooding over matters beyond our control or power.

Let History be our judge for even Allah the Almighty swears by Time in the Surah Wal Asr.

A simple translation of the surah is as follows:
1. By Time,
2. Verily all human beings are in loss,
3. Except those who have achieved ‘Faith’, have per­formed Righteous deeds, and have emphasized to each other the teaching of ‘Truth’ and (the value of) ‘Patience’ (perseverance and constancy).

Appreciate our forefathers and our nation’s heroes and heroines. Remember them by preserving their life stories in our History books as a heritage and treasure for the present and future generations of our lands.

Without yesterday, there will be no today and absolutely nothing much to look forward tomorrow! Think about it.

May peace reign in our nation forever . Ameen.

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