September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

America’s and British Spawn Wreaking Havoc in the Middle East!

The world conveniently chooses to ignore the reality that the present rogue regime rampaging all over Lebanon’s major cities and infrastructure is the illegitimate ‘State of Israel’ spawned by British and American governments way back in the 1920s when they invaded and occupied Palestine, a sovereign Arab Muslim nation established since way before Biblical times!

The Israeli regime which has invaded and occupied Palestinian lands is a terrorist Zionist usurper of Arab Palestinian lands and the whole wide world knows it but continues to do absolutely nothing to uphold justice for the Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Egyptians and other Muslim nations around the area!

Since coming over from England, Europe and America, the Zionists have practically taken over Palestine right before the very eyes of the castrated eunuchs calling themselves as the United Nations!

Is there Justice in the United Nations? Many a resolution has been passed against Israel throughout the entire length of the UN’s coming into existence but as always the USA has been vetoing against such resolutions and will continue doing so till Doomsday!

The British were the very criminal culprits who treacherously shipped their troublesome and constant pain in their asses, Zionists from England and America to occupy by force the lands of the weakened Palestinians who were simply chased out from their homes and lands by the incoming Zionists and systematically massacred from existence under the approving eyes of their British and American patrons!

The massacre and extermination of the Palestinians continues to this very day and we still see the incompetent so called world League of Nations act as a freaking faggot in just whimpering in protest at the Israeli assaults upon sovereign Lebanon, a member country of the United Nations!

One does not need to have a PhD in History to know the facts that what is taking place before the whole wide world is pure genocide and criminal acts of illegal war by an illegal entity that calls itself as the State of Israel!

The current American President is well known for his strong support of Israel and will never condemn or try to stop America’s bastard spawn in the Palestinian lands from wreaking further damage to Lebanon’s infrastructure and destroy the country and its people to achieve their hidden objectives!

Isn’t it preposterous for these bastards to say that they are waging war upon the ‘terrorists’ in the form of the Hezbullah?

Is protecting one’s nation, one’s people and one’s lands from being destroyed by others apt to be called as being ‘terrorists’?

How come when the USA and UK wage war upon other sovereign nations, they get to call themselves as the ‘liberating forces’ and their victims become known as ‘militants, fundamentalists, extremists, guerillas, terrorists, etc?

Who is terrorising whom?

This is how the rogue nations of America, Britain and their European Union of occupiers of other free countries using such terminology ‘whitewash’ their criminal acts of war and destroy Muslim nations from every angle and turn the world’s objections into portraying them as the ‘saviours’ whilst their victims and opposing victims to look as if they are the ones who are guilty!

Yes, guilty of resisting the invading occupiers from taking over their lands and destroying their people and their faith!

Armageddon is coming through the handiworks of these bullying ‘superpowers’ who through deceit, warmongering and objectives of world domination work out and do carry out their sinister plans to invade and dominate the Middle East which is the source of the richest oilfields in the world.

The Muslims of the world need to get off their sorry butts and do the needful. Protect and avenge the atrocities being carried out by America’s and British bastard offspring , the Israeli Zionist regime before the whole Middle East is destroyed and demolished by the Kaffirs Laknatullah!

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