September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Middle East Crisis-Who’s the Culprit really?

I was having my dinner just now, watching CNN when the CNN Reporter started asking Lebanon’s Home Minister ‘ Why is Lebanon not stopping the Hezbullah from attacking Israel?’

Of all the screwed up media manipulating, that surely takes the cake! Imagine the preposterous line of questioning that idiot from CNN was putting through to the Lebanese Minister!

Who the hell is attacking whom? Has any Lebanese fighter jets flew over and bombed Tel Aviv?
It is the Zionist rogue forces who are inflicting severe damage and loss of life upon the Lebanese people and the Hezbullah have just responded by shelling Haifa!

Are the Zionist lifes much more precious than those of the Lebanese? The way CNN, BBC and the other Western media are reporting, it is as if the Hezbullah are the ones who started all these escalating tensions in the region!

The Ummah would be better to watch out for these kind of manipulative and selective reporting coming from the Media Axis of Evil, twisting and distorting news and showing just the Hezbullah’s few shells landing on Haifa whereas the major Lebanese infrastructures are being destroyed systematically by the terrorist regime of Tel Aviv!

As expected , the ‘castrated’ Arab leaders are still acting as if they know nothing of the massacre taking place upon their Lebanese brethren! What a bunch of useless morons.

No wonder , a rogue illegitimate nation such as Israel can get away with murder and still get the USA and Britain to exercise their veto against any bloody resolution against them by the bunch of eunuchs calling themselves as the ‘United Nations’!

Kofi Annan is a stupid idiot with no powers or has the balls to uphold justice! What has the UN ever done to stop Israel? Nothing! Zilch! Na na!

The Muslim world is disoriented and living as cowards, running away at the slightest disturbance as if they can escape Maut if it is their time to leave this Earth. All foreign embassies and consulates are packing up and getting the hell out of Beirut as they know, no one’s gonna come to the defence of Lebanon!

Not even when the whole Arab nations are just all around them. A useless cowardly bunch of spiritless people reduced to being just shadows of their forefathers who waged war against any oppressors and among themselves since time immemorial!

Just mark my words, the worse is yet to come! The whole Middle East is gonna go up in flames and bombed to bits because they failed to rally to the defense of their brethren and remain disunited just as the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam foretold a thousand over years ago!

The Arabs only way out is to return to the Sunnah and rally up support from their brother nations and unite as one against the Zionists and their patrons!

George Bush Jr is Israel’s godfather and he knows pretty well that the Arabs don’t have it in them to unite and be up to anything! It’s all gonna be pure rhetoric and hot air coming out from under all those kaffiyehs and fine cotton robes hunkering down their big fat butts on plush cushions in air conditioned comfort , engaging in useless conferences after conferences that will end up in more disunity and escalated mayhem, from the looks of it!

Worse come to worse, you’ll see the masses of Arabs descending here to Malaysia, to get away from the spiralling strife taking place in Lebanon and the Syrian border!

There are those who question the National Service trainees handling firearms training in their 2 year stint. Well, hello, look at what’s happening in Lebanon?

We need to have our young people readied to be absorbed into our armed forces and be as the backup teams to aid our uniformed personnel when and if the situation deteriorates worldwide!

From the looks of it, I see this as the start to a whole bigger escalation of war throughout the world!

Enough of the useless wastage of funds and resources of this land being splurged on entertainment and hedonism. The nation needs to get itself ready to face any contingencies coming our way in the very near future.

Pak Lah needs to focus his energies and attention to the crisis emerging from the Middle East and forget about answering Tun Dr.Mahathir at the moment.

The OIC needs to stop saying ‘Oh! I See! and do what they can to help their brother nations facing the Zionist Israeli’s criminal acts of war against Lebanon and Syria, not forgetting the Gaza Palestinians.

We can just pray that the Arabs will soon wake up and start organising themselves to face Israel as a whole entity.

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