April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Israel attacks Lebanon!!! Hezbullah declares WAR!!!

Israel , the rogue terrorist regime has launched attacks on Lebanon’s infrastructures and bombed Hezbullah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah’s home causing serious damage and killed more than 60 persons!

I wonder what the Arab League is gonna do about this blatant acts of war by Israel upon one of their member states?

Are we watching history in the making and the advent of World War 3? What kind of a useless United Nations do we have where not a squeak comes out of a cowardly bunching of nations more adept at succumbing to the vetoes of the United States of America or better to be known as Under Satan’s Administration!

It’s gang of deputies such as the European Union are all just too happy to let Israel rampage all over the Middle East as that would just fit nicely into their world domination plans.

The Arab nations all are seriously infected with the sickness called ‘Wahn’ @ love for this earthly life and fear Death!

They are seriously divided and constantly having strifes with their brother nations throughout the Middle East!

All the wealth from the oilfields beneath their lands given by Almighty Allah is not gonna be of use to them when they are bloody cowards and damn stingy in helping out their fellow Muslims in Palestine, Iraq and now Lebanon!

Syria’s next and then maybe Egypt! All the useless Amirs, Syeikhs, Sultans and Presidents of the Arab nations ought to be blasted to bits for allowing an illegitimate rogue regime like Israel to wreck havoc on one of their own!

I don’t know what else needs to happen to these socalled Arab League before they wake up to this imminent danger approaching their nations?

The reality is that Israel kicked their asses way back in the 60s!

History could be repeating itself! What more with the world’s super terrorists supporting Israel as it is.

That’s the bloody reason why they won’t allow Iran to develop it’s nuclear program. North Korea’s blatant nuclear weapons build up over the years is just ignored with mild rhetoric whereas if it was Iran doing those missile blastings over Japan, the USA and its gang of thugs would have invaded Iran in a split second!

That’s the reality of our present lopsided world! Justice and fair play is extinct together with the dinosaurs! As far as the OIC are concerned , they are only good at holding demos and sending memos! The US would be wiping their asses with those memos for all they care!

When Muslim leaders just give lip service to the matter of uniting under a proper Muslim Union or Caliphate in the real sense , this is what they get!

Dishonor and destruction of their nations in due time ! At least now, we are gonna see what the Arabs are made of? Is it gonna be any resemblance of the spirit that Salahudin al Ayubi showed during the Crusades or are we in for another shameless display of cowardice by those who are supposed to be the Champions of the Ummah?

The next dawn will show us what’s gonna be.

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