September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Pak Lah returns tomorrow. Will he face Tun Dr.M?

The whole nation awaits to see if our Commander in Chief of Malaysia Incorporated has regained his health, his strength and his wits to face his current tormentor Al Tabib Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad once and for all?

There’s nothing that the PM should shy away from meeting face to face his former mentor if the PM’s hands are clean and as he claims to be championing his battle cry of ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang!’ throughout his 3 year old premiership!

Not that Abdullah Badawi doesn’t know how to deal with the 81 year old Tun. If the BN Government that he’s leading today is really innocent of any foul play when it concerns the Tun’s pet projects being put into ‘cold storage’ or ready to be incinerated , then there’s no reason for Pak Lah to have any fears or shrinking of anything!

Just be man enough to visit Tun at his home as Tun himself did when he went to patch up things with the late Tunku. Not that Pak Lah doesn’t know the way to the Mines?

There’s golf courses there too. Tun said the other day that he doesn’t know how to play golf. Maybe Pak Lah can teach the old man a thing or two as to how to swing a golf club and pat each other’s back?

That might do the trick and keep the ol’ doc happy….for a while. The thing with ol’ Tun is that he needs new games and projects to keep him happy and occupied. If you let him be, well, those of us who were at the Century Paradise Club heard from his own mouth that he @ the Tun has a ‘suspicious mind’.

Not wise to let an 81 year old suspicious mind gent running around without having his questions answered!

Hey maybe, we can have a nice ol’ Debat Perdana between the PM and the Tun!

Now, won’t that be a fitting return to your image as this nation’s Supreme Leader once and for all and if you can come out with flying colors with nice, crisp answers to placate the Tun, that will be your fait accompli for all time ?

None would dare call you Mr.Jelly Belly anymore dear Sir.

Are you gonna make Malaysians happy or are we in for another bout of ‘you ask this , I keep elegantly silent’ ?

Welcome home Pak Lah. The nation awaits your next move.

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