September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Israel Attacks Lebanon-US morphs into the 3 Monkey syndrome!

We now read and see how the Israeli illegal terrorist regime attacks and destroys Lebanese infrastructure at will under the pretext of seeking revenge for Hezbullah’s capture of it’s terrorist ‘soldiers’!

A blatant undeclared war before the very eyes of the whole world and the so called Sheriff of Planet Earth morphs into the 3 Monkeys! ‘See No Evil; Hear No Evil; Speak No Evil’ syndrome.

Fits the USA to a ‘T’. On trumped up charges and deception, the USA launched a full offensive against Iraq and invaded the sovereign nation for no other purposes than to rob and pillage the ancient lands of Babylon for the black gold flowing under it’s soil!

That’s the main reason why the US under George Wacko Bush waged war against Iraq under false pretences of freeing the people from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein!

Yes, Saddam was a mean bloody dictator who deserves to be executed for his crimes against the civilians of Iraq but what difference does the USA make from Saddam’s dictatorship when it has wreaked havoc on the Iraqis lifes and destroyed the infrastructure of the ancestral lands of the Awliyas and Anbiyas of Islam , reduced the country to be almost nothing but rubble , here and there and the people living in mortal danger of being obliterated from the face of this Earth?

Is America trying to exterminate the Iraqis for the Israelis to expand into the land?

Isn’t this so bloody clear that the US of A is a bloody terrorist state itself in coming over and destroying another civilisation under deception and false charges of Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Isn’t the very nation that speaks of Freedom this, Freedom that reeking of Nuclear Weaponry and the largest stockpile of Nuclear Warheads on Earth accusing the pot of being black when its own arse is as dark as the blackest hole in space?

Who owns the largest stockpile of Nuclear weapons in this whole freaking world if not America?

Israel, an illegitimate bastard nation borne out of the adulterous union of good ol’ USA and ‘Greaaat Britain’ is today committing crimes against the sovereign nation of Lebanon and the socalled Champions of Freedom and Democracy pretend as if nothing’s going on before them!

What a bunch of hypocrites who have nothing but a hidden covert agenda of world dominion but not having the moral standards of declaring their animosity and hatred of the Islamic world upfront like the days of yore!

No matter what you call yourself, remember that you are answerable to God Almighty!

What goes around comes around, and if we were to look at the Holy Books of God, things are taking place as foretold. Just get ready to reap what you are sowing.

It’s time for the Arabs to wake up from their coma! Are you waiting for the missiles to come blast your backsides? Sheesh! Talk about inertia. These guys are terrific at it!

Whatever it is , the USA and Great Britain sure have their hands bloodied. UN , just go sleep !

That’s what you guys do best. Seminars and conferences all year round, when criminals have their way, the so called mighty UN just closes their eyes, stuffs shut the ears and play dead!


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