April 13, 2024


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Tariqat Naqsyabandiah- a Sufi mureed’s memories

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

As a Muslim, I sought deeper knowledge of my faith in various schools and paths of realizing my inner yearnings to improve my religious practices.

After being involved in Dakwah as the Founding Secretary of the Islamic Propagation Centre International with my fellow Da’ee’s, Brother Haji Mohamad Yassin of Standard Chartered Bank Penang and Brother Haji Kamarudin Abdullah of the Malaysian Airline System, I sought to learn more about the inner sanctum of spiritual knowledge of Islam, that is Sufism.

Tariqat Naqsyabandiah led by Syaikh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani Al Qubrusi An-Naqsyabandi was the tariqat that I was introduced to by my best friend, Haji Yassin.

The Tariqat’s Zawiya was established at the residence of Syaikh Haji Zainuddin , the son in law of one of Penang’s former Governor , Tun Dr.Awang at Bukit Jambul, Penang.

Tariqat Naqsyabandi is well known to be the ‘rich man’s tariqat because you’ll see royalties, ministers, dignitaries, vvip’s, etc gracing the majlis dhikr every Thursday night at the Zawiya.

The atmosphere was always very pleasant because you sort of feel the tranquility and the surroundings of the forest reserve and hills all around giving a heightened sense of peace to perform the dhikrs.

Most of the Tariqat mureeds would be in their Tariqat Naqsyabandi pointed caps (I still have mine) and nicely wrapped turbans made of the finest cotton, wearing nice jubahs, smelling of the fragrant English Rose attar and pleasantly well mannered people that one can ever meet in one’s life.

The overall atmosphere was always so pleasing to the soul and I cherished every minute of being in the company of the Muslims who gathered to celebrate the praising of Allah SWT in a majlis that involves congregational prayer, group dhikrs followed by a lecture/sermon by the Syaikh present.

At times , we would be lucky to have the presence of our Tariqat’s leaders from Lanarca, Cyprus or Lebanon.

I took bay’ah from Syaikh Adnan Adil Al-Haqqani, the brother of Syaikh Nazim and among the Tariqat’s Khalifah’s, circumventing the globe , setting up Zawiyas and Islamic Centers all over the world.

YM Raja Ashman Sultan Azlan Shah, is the Khalifah of the Tariqat Naqsyabandi Malaysia and I have had the pleasure of making my acquaintance of the prince during the Thursday night Majlis Dhikrs that I have attended in Penang before.

YM Tengku Bahaudeen of the Negri Sembilan Royalty also frequents the majlis every now and then.

The late elder sister of Dato Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn was also a mureed of the Tariqat and I did meet her once before.

Coming back to the matter of seeking the Blessings of Allah SWT by involving oneself in efforts to improve one’s religious practices , it has always been encouraged to get a teacher or a mursyid when learning about the Deen.

Whether we like it or not, there do exists different levels of religious practices according to the level of ‘Ilm that one has acquired. For those who just came into Islam, it is important to study from a teacher about the basics of Fardhu Ain.

Fardhu Ain is the building blocks of practicing Islam and as such, one must know how to perform the obligatory prayers, supplementary prayers, dhikr after prayers, do’s and don’ts in Islam, etcetera.

There are various opinions as to the matter of Tariqat’s being a deviation of what the Prophet Muhammad SAW left us to follow as to his Examples @ Sunnah’s and the Holy Qur’an in carrying out our religious practices.

Generally, each and every Muslim can just stick to the basics and just perform the 5 daily prayers and fulfill each of the 5 Principles of Islam and 6 Principles of Iman. Just doing all that would already suffice their obligations as a Muslim.

But to those who want to add further value and seek more Blessings of Allah SWT, then comes the matter of additional prayers and dhikr.

This is all up to the individual Muslim or Muslimah in seeking enrichment of their self appreciations of a higher level of religious spiritualism that is widely known as the World of Sufism.

It is up to the individual whether he or she wants to learn about such practices. In these tormentuos times, the human spirit is easily parched up by the trials and tribulations of the daily grind and exhausting times for each individual in living their life’s in both the metropolitan cities and also in the rural neighborhoods of the countrysides.

By being in the company of like minded Muslims who gather to celebrate and praise Allah the Almighty and offer Salawats and Salams to Rasulullah SAW, the Muslim’s souls are at peace with their Maker and the ones who perform the Dhikr find their souls enriched with Sakinah @ Peace of Mind and are able to go through their lifes with a sense of balance and strength of purpose, Alhamdulillah.

For myself, I found it pleasant to be in the Majlis Dhikr practiced by the Tariqat Naqsyabandi.

As to the matter of some mureeds going overboard in their relationship with the Syaikh or the Mursyid, I’d say it is up to the individual to be moderate in all that they do, including the matter of becoming ‘taqsub’ with the Syaikh.

My personal experiences in being with the Tariqat Naqsyabandi has always been pleasant and I look forward to going to the KL Zawiya soon. So far, I have yet to step foot in the KL Zawiya due to my tight schedule daily.

May Allah SWT bless the ones who seek His Baraqah and strive to improve themselves in all ways that are enjoined and lawful according to the tenets and principles of Islam.

Again, the onus is on ourselves not to go astray or be extreme in our daily practices.

Be aware of those who seek to take advantage or abuse our friendships or relationships with them.

Even in our daily life’s, relationships with anyone in our life’s must be always be kept in moderation.

So is religious practices, working, doing business, even being online or whatever?

Too much of anything is always too bad and I feel this posting has reached it’s end for today.

Will be sharing more in my following posts, InsyaAllah!

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