September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Muslims have lost those loving feelings..whoa those loving feelings..

Attending Friday prayers today sadly exposes to me that Muslims in general have lost that loving feeling towards one another!

Everyone seems to be in a bloody hurry to get home or whatever else is sniping at their heels. This is not something that I am conjuring up from my own ‘ignorance’ or failing to ‘sangka baik’ upon my fellow Muslims. No sirree!

Those of you who are Muslims know that I am telling the truth and that the truth when disclosed sure hurts very deeply especially those who prefer to have the ‘Pollyanna’ syndrome plugging their minds and clogging up their brains!

My Friday observations here is meant to jolt those of you who have been unwittingly been led to get up after the salam by the Imam and join the others in leaving the masjid before even joining in the congregational do’a with the Imam.

Muslims nowadays are stricken with a severe case of ‘who the hell cares?’ syndrome and no one bothers to advice the other when it comes to matters concerning the Adab and Tertib concerning prayer rituals.

Children keep playing noisily whilst the Khutbah is being ‘read’ and there are petty traders and hawkers still plying their wares regardless of the need for them to stop their trade and concentrate on listening to the Khutbah ; no matter that nowadays it’s just prepared script by the Department of Religious ‘Advancements’ @ JAKIM!

Things are slowly going to rot by way of ignorance and ‘Tidak Apa’thy’ of those who are supposed to lead the Muslims in observing the proper manners and Sunnah’s of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!

Just take a look at the faces coming out of the masjid and all seeming to rush back to where they came from!

Nobody save for the elderly and for ‘fundamentalists’ like me bother to give the salam to others no matter whether I know them personally or not! I figure guys like me are considered ‘dangerous’ to others for I ask them to do something that is no longer being practiced!

That is to love and care for my fellow Muslims in good faith not bothering whether the fellow coming my way is a bloody thief , scoundrel, corrupt, adulterer, whatsoever?

Who the hell knows what whoever truely is ? Just extend that hand of yours and greet your fellow Muslim with a sincere heart and leave it to Allah SWT to judge whatever the person or persons coming our way have done in their lifes!

That’s why I am saying that Muslims are now giving credence to that forlorn sounding song’s lyrics:

‘ You’ve lost that loving feeling…whoa those loving feelings..

You’ve lost those loving feelings it’s gone ,gone ,gone…

And I can’t go on…whoa whoa whoa….:P’

To those of you who know what I’m talking about, if you make it to the next Juma’at prayers, take time to sit and say ‘Ameen’ to the do’a of the Imam and then just go on giving the Salam to those you meet on your way out of the masjid and flash those pearlies at the ones whom you greet!

You never know that you are making someone’s day special and they’ll go home pleased to have met you, InsyaAllah!

Spread the salam, have ‘sangka baik’ upon your fellow Muslims but be a smart cookie too and watch out for the ‘zalims’ who look like ‘alims’ at the same time! 🙂

We all know the stories …Just be smart and sensible…Smile! You are on Allah’s SWT candid camera! 🙂 He knows us best! InsyaAllah!

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