September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

A letter to a friend which I feel is worth sharing with you

A fellow blogger wrote to me lamenting the fact that she is disillusioned with all that’s taking place in our nation and shared with me her feelings that the Truth doesn’t matter to her anymore.

I replied to her these words which I feel is worth sharing with you, too for it reflects how we should as citizens not just let things take their course without us playing a role in forging a common destiny as long as we shall live here in this land called Malaysia and also be responsible towards our roles as being among the people of Bolehland!

Assalamualaikum Dr.

Now that I have an idea as to who you are and the level of intelligence that I can address you accordingly, let me reiterate to you that it is important for each of us to be aware of what’s taking place in this nation.

As citizens, we are accountable to ourselves, our families, our communities, our state, our nation and to our world that we live in.

We are required by our faith to stop wrongdoings that take place before us with our hands, speak out against it if we can’t do the first, then to hate the wrongdoings in our heart if we can’t manage the second! The third option is definitely the testament of our iman being in it’s lowest standards and close to being a disbeliever in Allah!

The above injunctions are from an authentic hadith of Rasulullah SAW and as Muslims, we are bound to obey Allah SWT and His Final Messenger, Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Khatamun Nabiyy.

To say that the Truth doesn’t matter as long as no one bothers you is a denial of responsibility.

Allah SWT created us all for a purpose. That purpose being none other than to submit ourselves to Him and to follow the Way of Life that He delivered to all mankind through His Chosen One, the blessed Messenger, Muhammad SAW.

Muhammad SAW is the Guide for us all by way of the example of his entire life and how he lived till the day that he died and returned to the Presence of Allah SWT.

In our present days of living in these Last Ages, we see all the Signs of the Coming of the Doomsday manifesting itself right before our very eyes as foretold by the Prophet SAW.

It is up to each of us to realise our current state of affairs in living right now as a Muslim, a spouse, a parent and as a member of society to do our part in preserving the peace, upholding the Truth of Islam, nurturing our loved ones especially our spouses and caring for our children firstly and then our relatives, our neighbours, our fellow Muslims, our fellow citizens, our nation and our world.

We have a responsibility to make sure that we do our deeds. We speak up for ourselves and others in ensuring that those who wield executive powers over us do not take us for granted and do not commit injustice upon us.

If everyone were to think like what you say you want to do, very soon, this land will be festering in tyranny and destruction of social order will soon disintegrate into becoming a cesspot of all kinds of sins and injustice.

Without our participation as rightful citizens of this nation, wrought into existence through the blood,sweat and tears of our forefathers, Malaysia can and will go to hell if we as the citizens do not hold to account all those who sit on the thrones and seats of political leadership over us .

Do not for a second think that you as a person amount to nothing!

You will be absolutely wrong if you allow yourself to fall into the pit of disillusion just because the majority of the masses out there couldn’t care less about who runs the show or dictates this and that as they please.

They the present rulers and leaders of this nation will do exactly that , if the 24 to 25 million Malaysians think exactly like you!

They will raise the taxes, increase the prices of all the basic necessities, they will even order you not to treat the poor who come to seek treatment from you at your hospital!

Even as we speak, the quality of life for the common folks are already deteriorating because they do not have health insurance! They are forced to sit for hours at ends awaiting their turn to be seen by doctors like you because they can’t afford to pay more for preferential treatment that private hospitals provide.

I know because I too used to suffer like that when I had to seek medical treatment back home in Penang, yes at the same hospital you are working now. Being a kampong man, I wasn’t rich enough to go to Gleneagles or Adventist!

Yet I persevered and Alhamdulillah, I am content with where I am right now, in terms of living a lifestyle that is several notches higher than what I was accustomed to.

You are an important member of our society. You can’t afford to live in an imaginary world where everything is rosy and even if it was , there are still thorns for you to watch out among the stalks of the fragrant roses you find yourself in.

You have a role to play in this theatre of life that the Almighty has cast us in. You need to speak up for yourself and those who depend on you to protect your rights, preserve your peace and station of life that you have acquired by struggling to be where you are right now.

You should ignore the crass attitudes of those who choose to mire themselves in a world of hatred and indifference to the feelings and sensitivities of others especially those who spew racist venom in their every comment on Malaysia Today and other blogs, websites, etc.

I have learned the art of rebuttal to a stage where there are those like you who find my writings to be honest, straightforward but not totally offensive even when I speak on matters as sensitive as religion and as obnoxious as politics, of the Malaysian kind.

My blog has been linked to in major forums and blogs recently which shows that what I say or share is being appreciated and considered fit enough to be registered as being among the Major Malaysian Bloggers.

In a sense , I feel honored to be accorded such placings and I try my very best to broach on matters that are important to me and everybody else. As usual, there will be those who differ from me and try their best to abuse and insult me in their caustic comments but I have grown indifferent to those ‘trolls’ who only know how to comment and criticize others but do no blogging or writing on their own blogs and some don’t even have one.

We have our responsibilities in watching out for ourselves when we live in a society. We need to look out for our rights so that they are not taken away from us. Politics is part and parcel of our lifes. If we don’t bother about what goes on around us, we might find ourselves like a trapped mouse on the labyrinth of life!

Wish you well and am here to help point out to you what I myself have come to learn about in my journey of living here as a Malaysian citizen first and now as a Blogger.

Wabillahi taufeek walhidayah, wassalamualaikum warahmatullillahi ta’ala wabarakatuh.

Your friend,


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