September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

American Armies Returning To be Homeless in USA

I read today in Yahoo News about the US Army soldiers or in this case the occupying forces of George Walker Bush Jr. , the current American President who are returning home after their part in the massacre and genocide of the Iraqi civilians to a taste of the same thing they have perpetrated while being on their ‘tour of duty’ in Iraq!

Click here to read about one of their many crimes in Iraq!

I can feel no pity to these murderers and legions of the devilish, idiotic, recalcitrant idiot they have installed on Capitol Hill, Washington, United States of America or as I see it ‘Under Satan’s Administration’!

George Wacko Bush Jr, an epitome of American madness today.

This idiot keeps saying that the rest of the world ‘hate the ‘freedom’ enjoyed in America. Yeah, right!

Freedom to bash to bits Blacks in the cities and ghettos of America, freedom to throw into the slammer, millions of poor Americans who are forced to steal, rob and pillage the masses because they don’t have the means to seek a honest living. Discriminated for decades because of the difference in their skin color, difference of faith, nationalities etc.

The media as we all know it can conjure up a different image as they are paid to. A saint can be turned into a sinner and vice versa cleverly using all the media and technology advancements available today at their disposal. Americans are very,very good at this and we all know what they can do.

So, if they want to show a caring,loving America, they cleverly edit, cut and paste, insert music clips etc , meant to stir the emotions and evoke passions depicting them as so holy,moly, by God they can do it , these media moguls in America.

If they so choose to demonise you, they can also do it. They can come up with voice editing to make it seem so real that you were the one saying all that *&^%$#!. This is evident in even Hollywood film productions like Forrest Gump where Tom Hanks is shown interacting with the late President Johnson etc.

So, be careful of what you read, hear and see what American media is dishing out to the world.

The general populace of America are not to be blamed for as far as I have come to realise that they, the American people are sort of closed in their mindset and do not actually know much about what’s really happening in the rest of the whole wide world.

If you follow the general train of thought of the average American citizens on the forums, blogs and websites of the world wide web, you can sense the blinkered views of the average American mind.

Americans are being brainwashed systematically almost each and every passing second into believing that the rest of the world are their enemies and that they are under threat of being blown to bits by ‘terrorists’ as the conceited ‘9-11’ fiasco is played out over and over again by the propaganda network of the present US Administration through the multimedia.

Save for a small percentage of Americans who do travel the world and realise what their country has done and is doing to the weaker nations elsewhere and those who learn about the real situation out of the USA, the rest simply do not bother to know about the rest of the planet and to them they don’t know about us or the ‘Far East’.

Some only knew about us when the Petronas Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in the world and even that through maybe the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ tv program.

If not, they would be thinking that Malaysians live on the tree , swinging from branch to branch. So, in a sense Tun Dr.Mahathir has put Malaysia on the world map, theoretically speaking!:P

Recently, a team of American professionals came to KL, and were invited by TV3 to share their findings about the truth of what really happened on September 11th, 2001?

They exposed many things about why they say that the 9-11 WTC demolition was an inside job by the powers that be in the USA to wage a criminal war against the Muslims of the world under guise of reprisal of ‘terrorists attacks’.

The website exposes clearly as to what took place there in New York on that fateful day and why murdering 3000 over WTC workers and visitors were considered ‘expendable numbers’ to further the grandiose American Imperialism plans of George Bush Jr. and his cronies to rob and rampage throughout the oil rich middle East under guise of waging a war against the terrorists and the ‘Axis of Evil’.

Today, those masses of Americans who thought they were ‘fighting’ for their country are returning to broken homes, scattered families, disillusioned situations, homelessness and being wretched broken diseased souls rotting away on the side alleys and underground colonies of good ol’ USA!

This is not my concoction or my ‘vitriol of hate’ against the American Army who are so bloody stupid so as to follow the demented policies of their crazy and maniacal warmongering President. People will say, what can the soldiers do? They cannot go against direct orders for they are signed and sworn to obey their commanders. I say it’s all bloody nonsense!

Knowing that the ‘enemies’ are all just hapless victims of their leaders, the American soldiers would do best to quit the army and seek their livelihood doing business or working in companies or industries to seek their living.

It’s easy for me to say that but hello…aren’t we talking about America? The world’s greatest economy? Home of the free and the land of the brave?

Aren’t you brave enough to stand up to the idiocies of your dimwitted President? Is this what the founding fathers of America fought for and gained independence from the British Colonial Masters?

I say to these ‘returning ‘ Iraqi vets ” Serves you right! You shall reap here in the USA what you have sowed in the lands of Iraq! How’s life treating you now? You are only getting your dues here on Earth for the massacres you have carried out on the Iraqis over there. Wait till you die and see what other goodies God has in store for ya! Hell Yeah!!!’

Forgive me for being honest as to what I wish for these ravagers of peace in lands that did them no harm, physically! If it was anyone that has caused hurt to America, it is that idiot they call Commander in Chief in the White House. The Devil in disguise and his pack of thieves in power.

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