April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

When Apostates Become Shaykhs by MENJ

This book by Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi is sure to incur the ire of those who are so devoted about apostasising those among the Malays who are Muslims just in name!

We hear that about 250,000 Malays have apostasised from being Muslims and are just awaiting the ‘greenlight’ from the authorities to come out in the open and declare themselves as being no longer Muslims!

I am not surprised because here in KL, the way some Malays go about trying to out western the rest is simply outrageously disgusting!

Even the Non Malays do not go to such extent to portray themselves as being the ‘in’ crowd and do not go bleaching their black hairs blond!

They also idiotically wear T shirts with foul words ablazed upfront .

Some Malay men sport earrings shamelessly and pierce themselves on the eyebrows, noses, lower lips etcetera…:P

I mean it’s alright if your parents are mixed or Caucasian for you to come across as if being a Malay with tanned brown skin is something to be ashamed of.

Speak about losing one’s identity as a Malaysian in the true sense of the word. All these arises from the parental lack of upbringing skills and holding on to the traditions of our forefathers.

Being modern is not wrong if we adopt and adept the modern technologies and use them to advance ourselves but losing the very essence of our being is simply asking for destruction of our roots and values.

As it is , a growing number of Muslim Malays today have lost their sense of respect to the elders and the Ulamaks of this land. In among the Signs of the Last Days foretold by the Prophet Muhammad SAW, His Holiness the Final Messenger said that the Ulamaks @ Scholars will be ignored and the Rulers will be made up of those who are the worst amongst the people.

This is an authentic Hadith of the Prophet SAW. As true Muslims , those of us who value and uphold each and every Hadith of the Prophet SAW as among our guidelines in living our lifes know that such signs are already here in our present times.

These apostates or those eager to leave the faith are only asking to be punished accordingly to the Laws of the Shari’ah. The thing is the present state of affairs regarding the implementation of God’s Laws is sort of being in a limbo. Thus , the presence of so called apostates in such large numbers doesn’t surprise me. What’s gonna become of them?

Let’s wait and see.

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