September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

O Lord, it’s hard to be humble..especially politicians!

The entire nation is awaiting with bated breath, the coming arbitration meeting between Tun Dr.Mahathir, former PM with current Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The mediator is said to be Tun Khalil Yaacob, Melaka’s Yang Dipertua Negeri.

I recall this popular song which goes like this..
‘O Lord, it’s hard to be humble..when you’re perfect in every way! Can’t wait to look in the mirror..cos I get better looking each day..To know me is to love me…and so on..

Are both our past and present leaders thinking that they are so perfect and sinfree? No way! No one’s perfect and free from defects save for Almighty Allah, God, Most Perfect Most Supreme!

If they had been singing the song above, they need to go for a new selection. Maybe more of ‘Demi Negara Yang Tercinta; Bakti dicurah penuh setia….’ should remind them of their duties towards the nation. We can’t afford to be in a situation where the government seems to have run aground in the sandbars of political tempest and storms! We seriously can’t have the government getting bogged down with internal strifes and political doldrums!

I am also perplexed as to how obstinate both our past and current Prime Ministers can be when it comes to not wanting to cut through all the redtape and self imposed restrictions and barriers erected between themselves for no other reason than not willing to humble themselves before each other.

How can we expect these two leaders to still play their important positions as leaders of ASEAN, NAM and the OIC effectively when a most important meeting between them can be so hard to be set and a 3rd party in the person of Tun Khalil Yaacob needs to be there to make it happen?

Is it proper for the nation’s top leaders past and present to be adviced by their subordinate? So, can’t the PM run this country on his own intelligence and leadership? Is the Melaka Yang DiPertua Negeri so much more capable of solving this ‘egoistical’ problem?

Speaks bad about the PM’s capability to govern us all, doesn’t it? I sincerely pray that this isn’t so? If it is true that the PM doesn’t know how to handle a former PM asking questions, imagine the scenario if more serious and severe situations take place in the future? Who’s gonna be calling the shots, then?

We can’t have our PM being lost in the wilderness. We need our PM to be our nation’s problem solver. We need our PM to be telling his men to do this and that. He can’t go soft on us now! Whatever Tun Dr.Mahathir had done for the nation is past and recorded in history. No one can deny that. That doesn’t mean it is good to let their ego’s get the better of them.

Talking about ego, don’t the two leaders realise that they are setting a bad example and precedent for the nation’s politicians and future leaders by behaving so recalcitrantly?

Both Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad and PM Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi must be willing to put aside their ego’s and lay it all open on the table between them and come to a compromise.
It is very important for both these leaders to set a precedent for the nation to follow when settling differences and work together to forge a stronger government that takes care of itself and also the welfare of the very citizens who voted them into power.

PM Abdullah Badawi must stop being ‘elegantly silent’ and take a stand to explain whether it is true that his decisions are being orchestrated by Khairy Jamaludin, his son in law and UMNO Youth’s Deputy Head?

As this nation’s Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi is responsible to the nation to lead with courage, strength of purpose and come across as truely being in command of the Barisan Nasional Government and fulfill his duty to us all as the Commander in Chief of Malaysia Incorporated!

All these lambasting of him being Mr.Jelly Belly and Mat Lembik is not good for the nation in the long run! PM Abdullah Badawi owes this nation a strong leadership. He promised us all to be strong and just towards every citizen who voted him into power with the highest majority of votes in the previous General Elections.

I remember listening to him speaking at the PWTC at the last UMNO General Assembly that “Pak Lah bukan macam Tun Dr.Mahathir! Tun Mahathir mula mula keras lama lama lembik! Pak Lah mula mula lembik lama lama keras!” meaning ‘I am unlike Tun Dr.Mahathir! Tun Mahathir’s (administration?) originally was hard but eventually became soft. I started soft (in his administrative style?) but eventually am getting harder!’

Everyone broke out in laughter at the PWTC for it seemed as if Pak Lah was cracking an adult joke as to the matter of getting soft and getting hard being implied by the new PM!

The problem now is that as matters are getting out of hand as far as Tun’s taking this government to task and he (the Tun) getting harder in his demands and questioning, the PM is not only getting softer in asking the cabinet ministers to fight for him in replying to Tun, he is getting more and more ‘elegantly silent’ as referred to by Tan Sri Musa Hitam, another former Deputy Prime Minister!

We can’t afford to have our nation’s Prime Minister becoming soft and silent! No way! He needs to know he doesn’t have that option! He is this nation’s Commander in Chief and he needs to act as one!

We need to have a dynamic, strong, smart and compassionate Prime Minister. PM Abdullah Badawi has no choice but to get rid of his current malaise of being stricken with a sense of inertia when confronted by the former PM, Tun Dr.Mahathir! Abdullah Badawi needs to take charge and stop being influenced by any other person be it family or friends.

Malaysia’s government is not a small company that can be run by families or dynasties. History will record each and every decision taken today by those who claim to be our leaders and time will tell whether they have been true to their oaths of office or no better than pirates who plundered the wealth of this nation under guise of being wolves in sheepskin!

We pray that our nation is spared such catastrophes in the near future and that the current leadership come to their senses and reaffirm their positions as elected officers and ministers who are responsible to the people who have given them their trusts and votes to run the government proper! They also are responsible towards Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala as the ‘Ulul Amri’ of the Ummah!

The nation awaits to see if the two leaders will be willing to co-operate with each other and put the problems raised in the right and correct perspectives and work in tandem towards a mutually acceptable solution. Insyaallah!

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