September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Question No.2 to Tun Dr.Mahathir discussed

The 2nd question raised by Mr.P.Gunasegaram , Group Executive Editor of the biznews The Edge:

Press Freedom. Your criticism of the government got plenty of coverage in the local media whereas during your time, criticisms against you by two former prime ministers were muted in the mainstream newspapers.Editors in UMNO-linked newspapers too were removed during your time for not toeing the line.

What did you do to advance the cause of responsible press freedom?

I really wonder why Mr.Gunasegaram is asking the obvious? 😛
Take anyone of us, put the fella up as the Prime Minister of this Bolehland!

Do you honestly will allow any kampong fellow not worth his sarong take you to task about matters that involve the freedom to screw you in the public eye and allow the fellow to breathe to the next minute ?

I have yet to meet anyone so magnanimous as what Mr.Guna is asking the Tun here why or what did Tun do to advance the freedom of the press?

We all read and accept that the Tun was not your run of the mill ‘Okay Okay Guy’!
Tun Dr.Mahathir took no shit from nobody during his time in power and even to this day do I know that he will just accept whatever any young or old upstart comes up with against him!

At the recent Dialogue, he stated clearly that he will speak his mind and there was a sense of a ‘veiled threat’ from the Tun that if you go try to screw him , he’ll screw you right back!

Now, that’s a real ‘jantan’ talking! He doesn’t pack his bags off and take the whole family on a trip ‘Down Under’ to avoid the shit hitting the fan!

Tun Dr.Mahathir may not be a bloody angel and over the years , he has slammed down hard on those who dared raise his ire and is worthy of being called a bloody dictator but the man is definitely not a chicken when it comes to defending himself!

This Nazri fellow barking and yelping at the Tun is but just looking out for his vested interests. Any of the cabinet ministers who are taking Tun Dr.Mahathir to task are simply taking care of their bowl of rice or whatever! Period.

He or she who doesn’t show support and allegiance to the PM today won’t see the light of day in the next GE, plain and simple. This is commonsense, isn’t it?

It’s just every man or woman in position looking out for themselves! Kiasuism at its’ best.

Hello!!!! We are talking about lucrative positions, perks and all that comes with the cabinet ministerial positions and all the freebies that come with it.

No bills to worry about, all those allowances, transported to and fro by luxury automobiles, airconditioned comfort, pampered skincare and doting by the ignorant minions, palatial mansions, cashflowing so freely as if there’s no tomorrow….who in their right mind would want to lose all these by allowing press freedom to criticize the main man, the top honcho, el supremo, the Peeee Emmm!

Mr.Guna, you are a good joker. Asking the Tun what did he do to ‘free’ the press?

Any ruler who did that today will see himself, splayed wide open, crucified for all his slip-ups, and tarred if not feathered on the main news tomorrow! Isn’t that what a ‘free press’ can do sir?

Naturally, the Tun as any other Prime Minister or President, Agong, Sultan, Amir, this and that will never allow folks in the press to screw them as you please.

If they did, it’s ‘Selamat tinggal pujaan….you know the swansong!’ He did it his way, the Master of Malaysia for 22 press throttled years! 😛

Today, Tun Dr.Mahathir is definitely the ‘darling of the press’ for everytime he opens his mouth, every mic, every tape recorder, video recorder , now we have ‘dvd’ recorder will be thrust his way! Revel , O ye Reporters , for Mahathir’s got something to say!!!

He’s given you your wish Mr.Guna. You are now free to publish all that he has to say and share about the present leadership. That is , if he is still allowed to speak of ‘cos!

You never know what’s gonna happen in Bolehland! Anything goes!

That takes care of Question # 2! More coming later. Got to run off now. Another meeting 😛

Selamat bertugas people ! Be good!

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