September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

22 Questions to Tun Dr.Mahathir-Discussing Question 1

continued from yesterday:

From Question 1:-

  • Did you make the Anti Corruption Agency more independent and effective?

As I was saying yesterday, the ACA @ BPR is but another government agency set up with noble intentions to stop the practice of Corruption in this nation.

Good intentions, noble in aims and objective but as all good things and intentions face, implementation rests in the hands of those who are known to be selective and choosy as to which ‘fish’ they want to catch and haul in.

I don’t have to tell you the stories one by one for till Yaum al Qiyamat @ Doomsday, there’ll never be an end to those corrupt ones at large.

Selective prosecution seems to be the order of the day, and the wily ol’ Tun is all knowing about this too. The way things are being done at the ACA since it’s formation , we the people have been seeing how certain VVIP’s got away scot free whilst the unlucky idiots in the form of the small and medium fry got skewered just for show. ‘Hey! We are doing our jobs…blah blah blah!’

What happened to the one who caused the Perwaja Steel mill to go under?What happened to the MEC? What happened to this and that? Why is multimedia piracy still a major headache in this country? Why did the MRR2 crack in so many places and the perpetrators still roaming free? The list is endless..

Can we put it all down on just that wily old man? Shouldn’t those who gobbled up all the lubrication money be brought before the courts and we even hear of the judiciary being tainted with the same maladies! We hear of judges enjoying all paid for overseas trips, etc.

If they want to crucify Tun Dr.Mahathir, then by all means, bring forth the evidence and charge the ex Premier for his ‘Executive Decisions’ which have any base of corrupt practices. I am sure that the Legal Eagles of the Opposition have their intelligence sources too.

Bring forth your proof and get the Tun by his balls if they (those who are asking him about this corruption cases) have the black and white to substantiate their charges! I am sure none of us the citizens would object!

  • Did you ensure that the Police and the Judiciary did their jobs properly and reduce corruption in their ranks?

Just as in the discussion above, the onus on the accuser is to bring and show proof. We are living in a material world and people will only believe in anything if they can see it, touch it, feel it. Matters concerning the physical world need physical evidences to back up the proof of existence.

The root of all these is the rank and file of every organisation. Sometimes, the top management will be so corrupt and they gobble up everything that comes their way and the minions below scramble and fight for scraps that fall off from up above. So, what can we the public or anyone do about it when these are the very institutions who are supposed to be free from sin and malpractice. Sue them? Nahh..wishful thinking.

Over the years, such things become part and parcel of the organisation and you can’t scrape it off just at the surface. You can’t even revamp the whole system because the habits have seeped into the marrows. Maybe for lip service, you can haul up one or two jackasses who were so blatantly idiotic of being brash about it and thus got fried. You can only grumble and mumble out in all the nations’s kopitiams, warungs, coffeehouses and hotel lobbies but the reality is that, it’s virtually impossible to combat graft worldwide. It’s human nature to enjoy things that they didn’t work hard for it. Not like Donna Summer! 😛 She works hard for the money! :))

  • Did you ensure that Cabinet Ministers,Menteri Besar’s and Chief Ministers not have income beyond their legal means?

One term in office and you see the fellows lives change absolutely overnight from high class to extraordinary wealthy save for Nik Aziz, the Kelantan MB! That old man just is too comfortable in his kampong house to want to move in to palatial mansions.

If you want to charge Tun Dr.Mahathir for failing to impose financial borders and guidelines to how much wealth can a Cabinet Minister, MB or Chief Minister acquire and have within his or her bank accounts, it will have seen the Tun get kicked off after Term 1 of his premiership.

It’s an open secret, isn’t it that in politics it is all a matter of mutual wealth accumulation. You close one eye, I close one of mine! You sapu this, I sapu that. The millions of idiotic supporters below can just take a flying leap into whatever suits them.

Dato’Seri Anwar Ibrahim during his periods of wandering in the ‘wilderness’ often stated the lines below ” Yang kaya semakin kaya; yang miskin papa kedana” that means ‘the rich get wealthier; the poor become wretched and worser’! As if our dear DSAI is living as a squatter!:P

I have nothing against these fellows living their acquired lifestyles if they have earned it honestly. If they got all these illegally, then there’s no Blessings from Allah on to them and their families. Tragedies befall those who rob,cheat,steal and bribe their way up to the upper echelons of high society! The reality is that no matter how high one climbs in the stratas of public life, they will one day be interred in the very bowels of Mother Earth just the same as the millions of ordinary folks when they too die and lay cold and stiff in their caskets!

  • How many ‘big guns’ were prosecuted for corruption offenses during your long tenure?

We all know the status and statistics. No point in asking Tun the obvious. Not that many maa!

  • What happened to ‘Bersih,Cekap and Amanah’?

It could also mean ‘Sapu Bersih, Cekap Makan Suap and Amanah in keeping it all a secret! 😛 Who is ever going to spill the beans? And for what? You think that anyone who has enjoyed their ill gotten gains is going to be willing to stand there in the witness box and betray himself and others for doing what they did? Mr.Gunasegaram, dream on. The Tun’s not gonna talk. It will be a classic Mother of all bloopers if he even gave your query a slightest of thought!


That’s it for this morning. Following up on Question 2 later. Selamat bertugas everyone! 🙂

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