September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Chow Kon Yeow is a very happy man nowadays!

DAP Tanjong MP, Chow Kon Yeow is a very happy Christian nowadays.

His blog entry happily proclaims his joy that at long last his fight to see to it that Malay Muslims can now easily apostate from Islam is bearing fruit under the Islam Hadhari based current Malaysian government!

WOW!!! And we thought Tun Dr.Mahathir was the ‘freemason thinking’ everything goes leader!

What a total 360 degrees turnabout for the status of Islam as this nation’s bastion of faith!

Chow Kon Yeow must be thanking the ‘Elegantly Silent’ leadership for at long last opening the door for those Malays who no longer want to be Muslims to queue up and apply to apostate without fear according to what his blog entry under ‘Religion’ column says.

He quotes the Article 11 of the Federal Constitution relating to ‘Freedom of Religion’ of Malaysia’s citizens.

If you read his blog posting , the answer by the Minister in the PM’s Department in charge of Religious Affairs says that as of now, the Negeri Sembilan Islamic Religious Administration Enactment carries provision regarding application from persons who want to get out from their Islamic religion.

The Syariah Court can hear the application to leave the religion and then would make a declaration that the person has renounced his or her religion!

WOW! Is this true? Has this Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang Pak Lah’s Islam Hadhari based BN Government really come to this?

PAS MP for Pengkalan Chepa Dato Hj. Abd. Halim Abd.Rahman is reported in Chow’s blog that he asked the Home Affairs Minister to state the number of Malays who have applied to change their names in their IC’s for the past 5 years and the number of applications approved and their reasons?

According to Chow’s blog, 3220 Malays have applied for the name changes in their MyKads from 2001 to 2005 and 2685 applications have been approved!

Lina Joy and others must truly be praising the Islam Hadhari BN Government for being so ‘Elegantly Silent’ about this latest developments in Bolehland!

Any ‘coming out’ party for Ayah Pin planned, Chow?

Tun Dr.Mahathir in the recent Dialogue lambasted the idiotic notion of reinventing the Islamic faith by his current nemesis . Wonder what the Tun has to say about this exposure by Chow?

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