March 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

“Jangan Hisap Ganja!” What’s so offensive about it?






I came across this headline in the Kosmo daily newspaper yesterday highlighting the controversy surrounding Adlin Aman Ramlie’s sidewinder advice Jangan Hisap Ganja!” @ ‘Don’t Smoke Ganja!’ to one of the AF4 contestant, Faizal from Terengganu who had just sung a popular ‘Ganu Kita’ song with its original singer, Saleem!

Saleem was the lead singer of the group ‘IKLIM’ and was convicted and jailed for various crimes such as drunk driving where he killed an army personnel and then incarcerated for drug abuses especially for smoking ‘ganja’ @ marijuana!

It’s pretty outrageous to see the former druggie take offense at Adlin Aman Ramlie’s barbed comment to Faizal, the AF4 contestant for the reality is that Saleem is where he is now due to the marijuana abuse!

Tch! tch! tch! tch! talk about being a ‘mimosa pudica’!

Malaysian artistes and singers think they are above the law and the public should just close one eye to all their shenanigans and screwup’s!

They indulge in all kinds of corrupted vile acts in the so-called lifestyle full of ritz and glamour!

Adlin Aman Ramlie voiced out the obvious and just so happened that the former drug addict was up on stage live on Astro satellite tv cavorting with an extremely popular AF4 contestant from Terengganu singing the druggie’s anthem song which he popularised way back in the 80s to 90s!

If Adlin hadn’t lambasted the fella, this former druggie would have come across as a comeback star and all those naive Malay idiots all over the country engaging in drugtaking would be saying’ Hey! It’s okay to smoke ganja! Look! There is Saleem, who is well known as a ganja smoker up on stage with the Akademi Fantasia 4 contestants! See…he is all right! Ganja is harmless, just a weed, etc!

The nation is already plagued by a very large number of Malay youths incarcerated in the Drug Rehabilitation Centres all over the country and a very strong message must be sent out to the impressionable youths of the Bolehland!

Malay youths are the most easily influenced youth in this land! Sexual abuse, drug taking, petty criminals, social dropouts, loafers, lepak kings and gum/glue sniffers consist of Malay youths! Chinese and Indians are also abusing themselves but not as much as the Malays!

Adlin Aman Ramlie was maybe, not being polite when he lambasted the former druggie live on TV, but his message was crystal clear! Adlin did not shy away from stating the obvious!

You do not mess up your life with taking ganja, ended up destroying your name and your life, then think you can just mosey your way back to be in the spotlight and think all’s well that ends well!!!’ No sirree!

Drug addicts have only themselves to be blamed and they should face the facts that they did screw up!

Adlin Aman Ramlie ought not to be apologising but he did anyway as demanded by ‘Rastafari Joe’!

The audacity for the fella to demand a public apology from Adlin for stating the very obvious!

What a humbug!

Nang bu ti nang , kui ..tiok tiok eh tua kui ! 😀

Hor ee lang sii, ho maa! Kiam lui ey! 😛

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