September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Pak Lah! Be aware of the Remora’s Sucking Up to you!

Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi needs to be seriously aware of all the ‘Remora‘s sucking up to him at this moment to avoid having a false sense of security of the Malaysian people giving him ‘full support’ as the spineless media reports almost daily!

As we can see in the picture, behind ‘Pak Lah’ is the one who cried crocodile tears when Tun Dr.M announced his decision to call it quits as the PM a few years back!

Another one is looking at his watch thinking when is this fella going to throw in the towel?

Malaysia is a land full of spineless politicians both in the BN and also the Opposition! They will twist and turn, spit and lick , do anything to save their skins whilst burrowing themselves deep into the current ‘big shark’s ‘ skin and sucking up to him, without any shame or remorse!

I recall one particular ‘froggie’ politician who proclaimed that he’s willing to kiss Tun Dr.M’s arse to prove his full support for the former Premier! Where is he now?

All the fellows sucking up to Pak Lah at this moment were the very ones who pledged allegiance to Tun Dr.M all those 22 years when Tun Dr.M was the big honcho!

Today, the very same ‘Remora’s’ shamelessly suck up to Pak Lah repeating the very same pledges of support to him whereas in their filthy slimy opportunist hearts, they curse and spew their hatred of Mr.Elegantly Silent for being so hesitant in taking direct action on matters that are burning fiercely in the grassroot’s citizens hearts and souls.

MIC President Dato Seri Samy Vellu aptly puts it when he said’ If I put up a donkey for election and give the donkey my support and backing, the donkey will win!’

Guess who’s the donkey with Samy Vellu’s full endorsement? No prize for winners! 😛

Rafidah Aziz, Nazri, Shahrir Samad, Lim Keng Yaik, and company all pledged their full undying support to Mahathir back then!

Today, all these Remora’s are singing a different tune! Pak Lah be aware! Never trust the Remora’s for even one fleeting second. The minute something unexpectedly changes the scenario, hello!!!…these Remora’s would not waste a micro second in switching camps and go pledge their loyalty to the new ‘big shark’.

Believe it or not? You better believe it!

All those banners being sprung, all those ‘I love you Pak Lah! Hidup Pak Lah! We are with you a 100% Pak Lah !’ is all the manifestations of those whose hearts are sick!

Stricken with the severest cases of hypocrasy that no antidote except Death can cure! The masses of kiss your ass legions swarming around you are all there for no other reason than that you are the PM currently!

As Samy Vellu puts it, any donkey in your seat will be heralded as ‘Bapa this and Bapa that’ for no other reason than that you hold the purse strings to the billions that they have their eyes upon and drooling from the corners of their lips and slimy mouths, that reek of kickbacks and corruption, cronyism, nepotism, etc.

Its the same the whole world over but over here in Bolehland, these fellas have turned the art of sucking up to PhD levels.

Remember Pak Lah, the minute you slip up, the Remora’s will suck you dry and then flip flop their way to the new top leader or in this case ‘bleeder’.

Malaysia Boleh!!! Lingkop if there are Remora’s everpresent in our political system!

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