April 12, 2024


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RAIHAN, the best Nasyid Group in the Muslim world

RAIHAN, a name that immediately brings to mind, soothing voices, followed by percussions, inviting Muslims to realise our connections with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

Raihan means ‘Fragrance of Heaven’.

Formally formed in October 1996 by five members with Nazrey Johani a former Christian, the late Azhari Ahmad as leader, Che Amran Idris, Abu Bakar Md Yatim and Amran Ibrahim.

Raihan pioneered contemporary Nasyeed and have won numerous awards and worldwide recognition. They are Malaysia’s most travelled Nasyid group and right now are on tour in France.Read about them here.

They have performed for Her Majesty, the Queen of England and also for her son, Prince Charles.They have recorded beautiful nasyids with the former Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam, a pop superstar from England.

They are a blessing to those of us Muslims who love listening to melodies that invoke worship and remembrance of Allah SWT, God Almighty , our Lord, Creator, Cherisher, Sustainer and Master of the Universes.

I have always enjoyed listening to their nasyids @ Islamic songs. Keeps me feeling good and in ‘nirvana’ as Shalu puts it.

They now travel the world spreading inspirational words of peace to all people, Muslims or otherwise. Their fans throughout the Muslim world are in the millions and their albums are the highest selling in Malaysia.

Raihan’s motto is “Pray Hard Work Smart“.

You can listen to a few of their songs at their website here.

Even Non Muslim Malaysians love listening to their songs . They had the whole stadiums singing in unison to their hit song ‘Syukur’ when they performed in the Commonwealth Games held here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1998.

They have recorded nasyids in Mandarin and Urdu which became top hits and remained on top of the charts for many weeks.

May Allah SWT bless them and shower them with His Mercy and Baraqah! Ameen!

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