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Racism simmering deep within the Malaysians’ hearts

I posted this comment in response to the constantly racist mentality deep rooted within certain elements of this nation’s citizens especially the bloggers in Malaysia-Today, an alternative news website which at times gets comments and postings that reek of venomous outpourings that if left unchecked can render the fragile unity of this nation asunder!

“All these racism and deep rooted hatred erupting now and then from the hearts of certain bloggers in MT makes me feel so disgusted to even comment that often.

Our nation’s environment is being raped left right north and south by those in power and criminals under the name of development.

Every now and then, disasters induced by such ecological destruction kills those who live within such disaster zones.Pollution of our water resources is widespread and fingerpointing to each other is ingrained into the local authorities who are bloody corrupt and even when proven guilty still manage to escape persecution in this Bolehland.

We have all been raised amidst apartheid @ Assabiyah and continue to be divided by the color of our skin forgetting that the Almighty created us all from a single Father, the Holy Prophet Adam Alaihisalam.

Even the Malays continue to wage pyschological warfare amongst themselves in 3 different parties, UMNO,PAS and PKR!Wastage of precious funds and resources continue to run riot in this nation obsessed with breaking idiotic records; neglecting the welfare of the rural masses and like those poverty stricken folks of Sg.Petani who have to resort to queueing at the Sports Toto gambling outlet to receive RM20…

Malaysia is not a land of one particular ethnicity. We are a melting pot of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Punjabis,Orang Asli’s, Iban, Kadazan,Eurasian,etc.

You gentlemen need to remember that no matter what we all need to preserve the peace and harmony between us as Children of Adam.Before Almighty God, only our deeds and faith in Him will be taken into consideration.

The Angels Munkar and Naqir who will be interrogating us in our graves are not gonna ask us whether we are an UMNO member or PAS member, MCA, GERAKAN, MIC,PKR, DAP,and all the other numerous parties in our nation!

They are not gonna be bothered about whether you hold a PhD, Masters,Degree, Diploma, Certificate, etc.

They won’t care whether you are a bleeding billionaire or tycoon, etc.At the end of the day, all our worldly powers and position is gonna come to a zilch when we are lying dead and cold in our graves; yet here we are bickering about being Malay, Chinese, etc!

Each and everyone of us have schoolmates from all walks of life, creed and color.I am sure that we will never have to be as those in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro who slaughtered each other just because some bloody idiot in power gave the order to ethnically cleanse their lands from those who look different, pray differently and live a different lifestyle.

All this racist venom being spewed and bandied forth serves no one any good!We are all living on borrowed time.

Let’s take a breather and ease off from this useless animosity.Cherish the life we have and focus on what we can build upon and not destroy what our forefathers have toiled with their lifes and souls to free this land from the Colonial Imperialists.

The topic at hand is about Tun Dr.Mahathir, who today is voicing aloud his frustrations at his successor’s handling of the government.Let’s stick to discussing the matter at hand and not allow the poison of racism creep into our hearts.

I wish you all well and pray to Allah SWT that we remain rational and have wisdom in our sharingof thoughts and viewpoints with each other. Amin.”

Saturday, June 10, 2006 1:20:16 AM


It’s kind of sickening to constantly having to hear such racist views in our midst though we have now been independent for 49 years already from British Colonial rule!

49 years of Independence is still nothing much to crow about compared to other countries but still, we ought to be more mature at this age.

What good is there in all these negativity being continuously be aired in a public forum?

What good does it do to the nation except to serve as a flashpoint for civil unrest and strife to break out and destroy this nation after the riots of May the 13th, 1969?

These idiots ought to be thrown into the slammer and the keys thrown into the seas for their treacherous viewpoints that stink and pollute the minds of those who always look for ways to destroy instead of build bridges and ties between the various ethnicities present in our nation.

What’s so bloody special about being this race or that race?

There are good souls in any one race or ethnicity and there are @#$%^*! in any given race or lineage!

Even a couple of the paternal uncles of the Holiest Messenger of Allah the Almighty , the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam are recorded in history as being the worst of mankind and one of them is condemned eternally in the Holy Qur’an for his atrocities against the Mercy of Allah for all mankind in the Surah Al-Lahab !

I pray for the day when we as Malaysians stop looking at the skin color and ethnicity of our fellow citizens and instead look at the person inside before passing any comments of judgements against anyone!

Peel away that skin from anyone and what have we but the same old skeletal frame and muscles that are the very true nature of us , Children of the Prophet Adam Alaihis salam. All the same!

Think before posting such racist views in public forums. Religious differences will always be there but we need to discuss our differences on a more rational platform than succumb to such destructive thoughts and mindsets! I am sure ‘most’ of us will agree to this.

This is the reality of our human entity! Beneath all those ‘nobility of skin color and being ‘fair and lovely’ or claim of being blueblood or hailing from the lineage of the Prophet’s, we are all just the same deep inside.

Some of those in our society come across proud of their lineage and hold themselves too high forgetting that each and every humanbeing is a direct descendant of the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) and is no lesser in status than the other except for the matter of deeds and faith in Allah! Ponder on that………..

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