September 22, 2023


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My Cherating Trip

It was a trip that I had been looking forward to for quite some time. My last trip to Kuantan was back in February. My spouse hails from Kuantan and every few months, whenever we have the time , we take a trip back to the East Coast.

Previously, travelling to Kuantan was a perilious journey when we had to take the old trunk road from Karak.

The lorries and tankers would be hogging the roads and traffic would be bogged down following the lumbering behemoths as they slowly haul up
their heavy loads painfully up the stretches of steep trunkroad and we would be risking life and limbs if we ever wanted to overtake those heavy vehicles.

Sometimes , crazy speeding wackos would be putting everyone else in danger when they overtake as they please at speeds of over 130 to 150km per hour! Sheeesh!!!! No wonder when they do crash, their remains have to scraped off the roads! 🙁

The LPT @ Lebuhraya Pantai Timor is really a blessing. We can drive safely at speeds between 80 to 90 km per hour while those rednecks can overtake us safely at whatever speed they want (as they have lots of money to pay their speeding tickets) 😛

Averaging 2 to 3 hours , one can safely reach Kuantan without any problems ( if their vehicle doesn’t break down ,etc).

We spent 3 days 2 nights at the Residence Inn, Cherating, Kuantan, Pahang. The facilities were a bit run down but overall still okay. The staff there were sort of in an apathetic mood most of the time and the service not worthy to be considered. To call the place a resort is really an overstatement.

I didn’t dare swim in their pool as the water looked murky although the overall picture looks blue. Another thing is the way the pool is always crowded. I hate crowds especially in the pools.Gives me the creeps to think of all the effluents from all the people in the pool…eeeeek!

The Cherating beach was not that bad but still I didn’t go swim in the sea. My best swimming experience in the sea was in Pangkor Island.The seas off Pangkor Island was much cleaner and clearer.

I have been hearing of the crystal clear waters of Pulau Tioman. One of these days , I’d love to holiday there with my darling spouse. Insyaallah.

I wouldn’t recommend the Residence Inn to you for the service there is really lousy. Since it was an alumni reunion , I just went along with it.

My best trip to the East Coast was our 3 days 2 nights honeymoon package (we always are on a honeymoon mood) to the Sutra Beach Resort in Rhu Tapai, Merang, Terengganu 2 years back. Our room was right at the beachfront and the service was excellent. Breakfast in bed, candlelight dinner, cultural show, excellent pool, crystal clear waters both in the pool and in the sea, clean beach, less crowds all proved to make me want to return there for our next trip.

The kampongs were a pleasure to travel through and the freshly grilled ‘sata’ was delicious and cheap to boot. The keropok lekor also proved to satisfy my palate and freshly made from choice fish meats. Try out the Sutra Beach Resort. you won’t regret it.

I will post more pictures later.

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