April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Dato Seri Najib! Nee hao ma?

Assalamualaikum Dato Seri.

Just asked you ‘How are you?’ in Mandarin.

Doesn’t prove to be a problem for me to address you in Mandarin because I have the interest to improve myself and add Mandarin to my skills by the end of this year, InsyaAllah.

Why complain about Chinese owned companies putting up their Mandarin requirements for job applicants?

The job seeker should equip him or herself with what the Employer seeks for instead of the other way around! ~~~End of my dialogue to DPM.

The DPM says this is one of the main reasons why the number of Malay graduates being unemployed are rising. I totally agree.

So, will asking that these Employers stop demanding that their job applicants have Mandarin proficiency going to improve the quality of Malay graduates in the long run?

Far from it! Instead of griping about the rising number of unemployed Malay grads, the best way to solve this problem is to add value to them.

Learn Mandarin. It doesn’t hurt to know another language. In fact, the more languages one has in one’s list of languages proficiency improves the chances of being employed or be able to do better business dealings.

The Chinese are the backbone of this nation’s economy. You can’t deny it.

Instead of seeking to let this lack of Mandarin proficiency continue to divide this nation, the powers that be can forge a closer relationship between the various ethnicities by working towards the enriching of ourselves with better grasp of Malay,English,Mandarin and Tamil.

Bahasa Malaysia will always be the official and national language. English is important for international communication.Mandarin serves to bridge relations between Malays,Chinese, Indians and other ethnicities. Tamil also needs to be taught to all Malaysians so that we can understand each other better.

Our nation is a multi-ethnic melting pot of so many races and faiths. Better communication skills will improve the unemployed graduates to secure jobs.

Look for ways to foster better relations between us Malaysians instead of continuing to keep us divided.

On one hand, the authorities ask us to keep strong the spirit of ‘Muhibbah’ yet on the other hand, demand this Mandarin requirement to be stopped. Contradictory, isn’t it?

Religious matters are totally different. Each should respect and stick to each’s affairs. The study of other’s Cultures and Languages however must be encouraged. The end result will be better for all of us.

I myself am learning Hanyu. It will help me tremendously in my business and Islamic Dakwah to the Chinese speaking world.

As a Business Consultant, I seriously need to be fluent in Mandarin apart from the Malay, English, Tamil, Hokkien dialect, smattering of Japanese, Hindi and Arabic that I can speak.

Learning Mandarin will help me tap into a Civilisation that is more than 6000 years old.

As it is, China’s Muslim populations embraced Islam a thousand years before the Malays here.

There are more Chinese Muslims in China than the entire population of Malaysia today.

Sa’ad ibni Abi Waqqas (the Prophet Muhammad’s maternal uncle) was sent to invite the Chinese Emperor to embrace Islam during the Caliphate of Saiyidina Osman ibni Affan, the 3rd Caliph of Islam. As a result, The Emperor of China gave his consent to the Sahabah to preach to the Chinese people and since then , Islam has been a major faith in the Chinese motherland.

He is entombed there in China. Masjids there are a thousand years old and still being used and kept in good condition.

The Malays stand to gain so much by learning Mandarin and acquire knowledge that is thousands of years old and proven to be among the best of the civilised world.

In my blog,I posted about seeking Knowledge even if it takes one to China.

There’s so much to be gained by learning Mandarin apart from any other languages out there.
The DPM wants the Malays to be ‘Melayu Glokal’.

How can they be so when he is asking for them to be just able to communicate in Bahasa Malaysia and English?

Dato Seri Najib can help us all if he looks at this matter from a positive angle.

Since he is inline to head Malaysia after the current PM, maybe he needs to reconsider his call and instead see to it that the Malays acquire Mandarin as another valuable communication skill.

It will help the unemployed graduates and all other future Malay grads to be excellent candidates for the job market of Malaysia if not the world!

I for one sincerely hope so. Insyaallah. Boleh lah Dato Seri!

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