September 21, 2023


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East Timor Erupts into Violence Again – Damn!

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Australian soldiers confiscating sharp weapons from the mobs rampaging through Dili, East Timor.

I read with dismay about the violence erupting in Dili, the capital of East Timor yesterday!

I just don’t understand why the bleeding idiots who are already suffering from poverty lose all commonsense and descend once again into anarchy and sectarian violence, burning homes, creating terror , looting, rampaging and massacring civilians !

I read that the problem arose from ‘militiamen’ if you can call the murdering bastards that , who joined forces with 600 over soldiers who were sacked from their posts by an already cash strapped ‘government’!

What a stupid, self destructive thing to do! This newly independent republic is already in deep shit with not much resources to build their country and now we have these murdering mobs rampaging and killing innocent people and creating a state of unrest all over the republic!

These people do not deserve to be given any mercy. Stupid numbskulls who wouldn’t think twice about chopping off the heads of their neighbours for no rhyme or reason.

Australian,Indonesian and Malaysian armed forces have been asked to keep peace there but as I see it, there’s only so much that ‘peacekeeping’ forces can do when idiocy runs in the blood of useless beings who do not value and appreciate the ‘freedom’ they got in getting independent from Indonesian rule!

I just pray that Malaysians will never ever succumb to such lawlessness and that each and every Malaysian reflects on this situation and sees to it that no one ever calls for unnecessary protests, demonstrations and this or that without considering the tragic consequences that it could bring or spark off!

We are a multi ethnic, multi religious nation. Muslims,Christians,Buddhists,Hindus,Sikhs, etcetera all need to forge deeper understanding and common goodwill in order to preserve and protect ourselves and our families from such danger and catastrophe!

May Allah protect us all from situtions like these disasters taking place in East Timor! Ameen.

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