September 23, 2023


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Bazaar and Street Traders in Jalan Masjid India

This is the resident Malay traditional weapons seller. He sells made to order Malay Keris which are finely crafted and their hilts decorated with silver carvings and also jewelled sheaths.

Prices range from RM500 above and some of his collections are authentic antiques worth thousands of ringgits. I saw some ‘parang kelewangs’ in his collection. He can be found in the Bazaar Masjid India.

You can find a good bargain at his stall and have one made to order for your collection.

This man sells semi precious gemstones and medicinal oils in front of the Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur.

Such street traders usually ply their wares along the sidewalks and open spaces in front of the masjid.

Best day to see them in action will be on Fridays.

Due to the mass congregation of Muslims gathering at the masjid, they stand to make good money selling their wares to the crowd.

This is Ahmad, a watch trader who is mobile. Very easy to spot individual with his green ‘jubah’ and turban.

He hails from Indonesia and seeks a living selling generic watches costing from RM15 and above.

Usually found plying his trade in front of the Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur and along Jalan Masjid India.

Street traders used to be found in large numbers peddling all kinds of stuff from medicinal herbs, aphrodisiacs and performing tricks and magic there before the Bazaar was built.

They are quickly vanishing from the scene as traders get stalls and stop wandering from state to state as in the past.

What a shame. Used to enjoy watching all that.

Back in Penang, I used to enjoy going to see snakecharmers and street performers do their stuff back in the 60s and 70s.

All those ‘free’ entertainment are a thing of the past. Now most people are stuck before the telly or pc at home. Kids nowadays miss out on the variety of public performers as we enjoyed before.

Now you see kids on skateboards vying with one another on moves that are sure to crack or break a few bones or the occasional skulls. Tch tch tch tch…hemmm..

The African Sea Coconut Water Sellers. It is reputed to be good to cool us down and relieve many health complications.

Back in my kampong, the African Sea Coconuts palms grew tall and when the fruits were ripe, they fell down to the ground and emanated a very fragrant smell.

The young nuts are harvested and sold by the drink traders. The taste of the fruit’s seeds are close to the attap seeds @ buah enau that we find in the ABC’s @ Air Batu Campor.

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