April 13, 2024


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Unmarried Muslimahs-Is Nikah Misyar the way out for them?

I read about this form of Nikah Misyar @ Travellers Marriage being proposed by a Lecturer in the Academy of Islamic Studies in Universiti Malaya, Prof.Datuk Dr.Mahmud Zuhdi Abdul Majid to ‘solve’ the problem of so many unmarried Muslimahs prevalent today in our nation.

The report here http://tinyurl.com/pulnj in the Utusan Malaysia shows the Professor advocating this type of marriage arrangement to reduce the high number of professional and financially stable Muslim women who do not need the financial support from a husband but just his companionship as a lawfully wedded husband to them and only provide sexual needs.

Now, I am sure that the Professor means well and his notion is going to get tremendous support from all the randy andy’s out there who are gonna be rubbing their hands in anticipation and smacking their lips at this initiative by the ‘learned’ Professor.

Nikah Misyar has many negative consequences where in the Middle East, many women have been used and abused by men who took them as wives and after satisfying themselves ‘legally’ as husbands and wives, chose to conveniently dump the women off as ‘used tissue papers’.

Many a report exists out there where young women, were married in this manner and later divorced after the ‘husbands’ got tired of them.

Check these links to read in detail about these sad cases:





I personally do not see this proposal as a good way to solve the Unmarried Muslimahs situation in this country.

Marriage is not all about sex . It is a union of two hearts and souls from which if God permits, the couple will be blessed with children and those children will grow up and be adults themselves and thereforth , they too will find spouses and marry, continuing the cycle of human reproduction and continue mankind’s survival and the family’s lineage to continue.

This Nikah Misyar might be suitable for some but overall there are many complications that will arise when such an arrangement turns sour after the husband has sucked the juice out of the young wife’s self and spits her out after he’s done and then goes on to look for other fresh victims!

The authorities must not allow this arrangement to set its roots in our nation.

We are already up to our noses with single mothers, illegitimate children, extraordinarily high incest cases among the Malays, and now we have this proposal to ‘legalise’ short time arrangements where the men get to enjoy their ‘wives’ for a certain period and then unceremoniously dump them for fresh meat!

Think of all the consequences before allowing this ‘headache’ to set in.

No amount of painkillers is gonna solve the ‘quickie divorce syndrome’ once this proposed migraine takes place.

I want to hear from the single Muslimahs out there. Will you want to be married in this manner?

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