September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Memes- MENJ’s request to me fulfilled!

For an old bloke like me, this memes thingy is something I need getting used to.

MENJ explained to me what it is all about and I think there’s no harm in playing along to the crowd. 😀

In my days, we used to stand up at a campfire and introduce ourselves to the group and I feel this is something similar , so here goes:

I am mahaguru58, a Malaysian Muslim.

I just love good natured people, think about my faith, read all that I can and write in my blogs.

I said ‘ Thank God for gracing me with this life, this opportunity to reach out to others’

I want a good future for myself, my loved ones and my nation plus Peace on Earth

I wish that mankind stop building walls between each other and strive for peace and not war.

I hate being unable to stop warmongering, environmental destruction, apathy and crimes

I miss the good old days back in my childhood when life was simple and easy

I fear dying without fulfilling my obligations as a Muslim, a father, a husband and a humanbeing
I hear my conscience asking me to work towards common good and to obey Allah the Almighty

I wonder how it must feel to stand before the Ka’abah and in front of the Maqam of Nabi SAW?
I regret all the sins and mistakes I have done in my past!

I am a husband to my excellent wife and a father to my two lovely kids.

I sing karaoke with my darling wife and am not that bad! 😀 2nd prize always..hehehe

I cry with fear at times when standing before Allah in prayer when I get into ‘kusyuk’

I am a simple man who is from the kampong in East Jelutong, Penang Island.

I made good friends in school, and treasure the memories of the good times back then

I write about Islam,my nation and my observations about all that takes place in my lifetime

I confused myself with trusting people without getting to know them proper.

I need to close some deals I am working on right now for the sake of my financial future

I should be able to master Hanyu before the end of this year

I start learning about Confucious philosophy and Chinese culture

I finish with this reminder to keep learning about all these new things.

Well, that takes care of MENJ’s request for me to play along.

I like learning new things and exploring new grounds and am a gadget freak myself.

It’s amazing what science and technology has given us Mankind through the ‘Ilm and Good Knowledge that Allah the All Knowing has inspired in us.

By getting to know each other better, I am sure that the blogging fraternity here in Malaysia can work towards forging together a better society and live in peace and succeed together as a nation.

Win Win Malaysia! Don’t waste money on sending Bolehnauts to space!

We need to take care of the needy here on the Malaysian part of Earth.

As it is , there’s just too much wastage and squandering of funds and resources taking place here already.

Bah…that’s another subject to blog upon.

Have a nice day folks. We all truly need it. Selamat bertugas.

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