September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

MENJ is on fire!

Little did Mohd Elfie Nieshem Juferi @ MENJ realise that he would be on almost all of Malaysia’s blogosphere’s firing range when he posted his satire on Christianity being wiped out from the face of the planet!

MENJ has always been a royal pain in the ass for christian fundamentalists and diehard bloggers.

His Bismika Allahumma website has since 2002 been waging an online war against the Christian missionaries and he at times pokes his thorny words too deep into their Christian hearts that they bleed profusely and seethe with immense anger at his proddings into the very basics of Christian beliefs.

I am sure that if they got a chance to rip him to shreds, they would have done it with a gusto that would make even Slobodan Milosevic proud!

The thing is MENJ didn’t anticipate that the newsclipping similar to this that he posted on his blog would spark an outrage in another blogger who took offense at his satire in destroying her Christian faith!

minishorts is her name and MENJ’s satire to her was not a game! Spontaneous combustion of her inner anger brought about a raging flame and she immediately launched an all out attack against MENJ to give him the same!

To her rallying call, her fellow Christian bloggers sprang to put MENJ to shame! Put him behind bars ; throw away the key was their aim!

So for a few days now, MENJ has not been the same. Malaysian IP’s were blocked from accessing his blog ; tch tch tch …what a shame.

Apologise he will not for to him it was all a game. If Malaysian blogging community weren’t up to his standards, well they are just too lame.

So MENJ has decided ; ‘Enough of this BS! I won’t succumb to such pain. Apologising for nothing is just in vain.

To the international arena, MENJ wants to explore.

Where Americans, Englanders and Europeans play, MENJ wants to go for more blood,sweat and tears …oh my will be horrendous…full of curse will be a massacre..’twill be murder…extreme carnage…it will be gore.

so, Malaysian informed that MENJ is adamant in not saying sorry, apologise or ‘kowtow’ to anyone here. Tis his blog, his way of thinking, his own wishes to be left to go explore. This stand of his is as it is for now. Can’t predict the future.

I did the interview with him personally last night and this clipping is just to let you know what is in his mind for now.

Reporting live from Muddy Bay, May 24th, 2006 CE.

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