September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Retraction – An American Ranger’s Confession of US Atrocities in Iraq

First and foremost, I’d like to apologise for posting that piece of news which I received in my email from

It’s not in me to post fictitious news articles especially where it concerns the state of war or in reality ‘Occupation by the United States of America’ of Iraq.

Anyway, the reality of American terrorism is clearly shown by their crimes in Iraq!

The picture here shows America’s pride in desecrating a holy place of prayer. It is this kind of outrageous behaviour and atrocity of the occupying terrorists in the form of the US Army that is the trigger that unleashes the hatred of the victimised people of Iraq and Muslims worldwide.

Whether this Jesse Macbeth is a bloody fraud or not , it doesn’t whitewash the reality that people in Iraq have been bombed to bits and being massacred under the guise of ‘Operation Iraqi Liberation’ which in it’s acronym states clearly the word ‘OIL’!

If Iraq had been a nation without natural resources, I doubt that the USA would want to spend billions of dollars in sending over their army to kick off a dictator in the person of Saddam Hussein.

A covert operation without fuss by the CIA could easily have infiltrated and assassinated the fellow and his sons plus any other Ba’ath party officials.

Hell.. they could have easily disposed off the goon squad of the Ba’athists as easily as the Israelis did with Syaikh Yassin of the PLO. The idea of spending so much under guise of ‘liberating’ the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein is pure BS!

Iraqi Oil has always been the target of George Wacko Bush and his Halliburton fiendish VP Dick Cheney!

After several years of occupation, who is suffering from all these war gone crazy? None other than the poor Iraqis themselves.

Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost and massacred by the American rampaging forces. Mosques have been desecrated, women population raped and humiliated, children blown to bits, menfolk shattered to smithereens, etcetera.

Iraq has truly been liberated from all sense of being. George Weirdo Bush must truly be proud of his handiwork.

This Jesse Macbeth might be a phony but the reality of what he speaks about can’t be denied.

His 15 minutes of ‘fame’ might be his undoing but America needs to wake up to realising that is has a ‘hole in it’s soul’ !

No one can deny that.

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