April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Hanyu Trial Classes-Come try it for free!

Those of you who are interested to experience the enriching and conducive ambience of learning Hanyu @ Mandarin of the highest standard are most welcome to click on to the card image besides and start booking your seats to the trial classes being offered.
By learning Mandarin, you have an advantage over others by being able to reach out to your fellow Malaysians here, be able to study further in China itself, learn and appreciate the thousands of years old Chinese culture, do business easily with the Chinese worldwide,etc.

As you can see , the Global Hanyu & Culture Center is backed by the historical and world famous Shanghai Jiao Tong University, based in Shanghai, China.

Another link you can click is here :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanghai_Jiaotong_University

Malaysians need to have better relations between the multi ethnic races living here in this blessed ‘Golden Chersonese’.

During the times of the Malaccan Sultanate, relations between the two great empires were established with the visit of the Sultan of Melaka and including the legendary Malaccan warrior Datuk Laksamana Hang Tuah to the Imperial Courts of the Chinese Emperor.

As a result, the Chinese Emperor saw fit to further strengthen the ties between the people of China and Melaka by offering the Sultan of Melaka, the hand of Princess Hang Li Po in marriage.

The Baba Nyonya community in Malacca are the living proof of this alliance.

Our destinies are entwined forever with both the Chinese and the Malays forged into living in peace in this bountiful land now called Malaysia.

Instead of wallowing in petty squabbles instigated by those who are sick in their hearts and minds, focusing on what’s dividing us, we as a nation need to look forward to the future and see where we can all co-operate and strive to improve our lifes and our nation’s economies!

‘Assabiyah’ @ Racism is forbidden in Islam and in his last sermon to all of mankind, the Greatest and Final Messenger of Allah the Almighty God, reminded us not to differentiate between the races and to care for one another.

Click on this link below to read the full text of the sermon:

We grew up with our fellow Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Javanese, Boyans, Eurasian, Orang Asli, Sabahan and Sarawakian friends.

We can’t be that stonehearted to deny that our lifes have been colored with sweet memories of going to school together, sharing good old days with our friends from all races and walks of life.

My closest schoolfriends were Neoh Hock Seng @’Merah’; Sababathy @ ‘Torpedo’, Subahan @’Squeaky’; Tan Eng Hong @ ‘Bruce Lee’; Ahmad Fu’ad; Bob Setiawan, and many others.

We didn’t differentiate between races or religions. We accepted each and everyone as our brothers.

We need to have that spirit kept alive and well between us all for the sake of this nation.

Learn how to reach out to those who are part and parcel of our lifes and start living life in peace and harmony as Allah SWT asks us to. We can be the best example of how mankind need to live.
All it takes is to realise that we are all equal before Allah SWT save for our deeds and sincerity in faith.

No point in being ‘fair and lovely’ on the outside but cold and dark in our hearts and minds.

Agree? Pick up that phone and dial 6-03-2171 1776 and start changing your lifes for the better.

Chai chien. Good nite. Selamat malam. Wan Anh. Vanakam. etc. Goodnite Malaysia.

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