September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The UnInforming Centre of Masjid Jamek KL

If any tourist wanting to know anything about Islam was ever at the ‘Information Centre’ of the Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur ‘s counter , he or she will definitely leave with a very strong dislike for the faith!

Why am I saying this? Well, to be frank, it is due to the very ill mannered people they have manning the counter! The fellows don’t even have the most basic PR that is required for anyone to even be considered to sit at such an important place as the ‘Information Centre’!

It is the very first place that a visitor to the mosque comes to and maybe wants to ask about touring the place etcetera! First impressions are lasting impressions and for me the Information Centre at the KL Masjid Jamek gets my nomination for the Raspberry Award of the Year!

Not a smile, or even a welcoming atmosphere! The bozos running the place look like thugs and do not portray the image of a ‘Da’ee!

If you don’t believe me, by all means , please take a trip to the Masjid Jame’Bandaraya KL just besides the Masjid Jamek LRT Station and see for yourself why I am saying that with the sort of people manning the place, those who have the slightest notions of learning about Islam will make a right about turn and forget about the whole idea!

Sour faces, unprofessional attitudes and apathy seem to be reigning freewill at the supposedly ‘INFORMATION CENTRE’!

What information are they churning out? Not a bloody thing! They sell the booklet about the Masjid for a freaking RM5.00 consisting of a 3 to 4 pages of booklet telling about the masjid only!

Nothing about Islam! I don’t think the sourfaced chaps sitting behind the counter know zilch about dakwah!

Christian churches and Buddhist temples are just so eager to hand out their Bibles and Amotabha booklets but it seems that the KL Masjid Jamek people want to sell Qur’an translations and make money out of the visitors instead of handing out such publications as a form of sincere dakwah!

How is it that the Majlis Agama Islam expect people to learn about Islam when they have such killjoys operating the place?

Dakwah must be the most important part of a mosque’s administration but as we all know the mosques in this nation are made into the propaganda outlet for both the government and the opposition parties in their own turfs!

No wonder ‘Islamophobia’ among the Non Muslim masses is well and healthy thanks to the example of the way the bozos operate at such a centre, killing the good name of the faith for a few measley ringgits!!!

They are ‘selling’ paperback English translations of the Holy Qur’an by Abdullah Yusuf Ali for RM5.00 a book!

When the authorities can burn up millions of ringgits for fireworks on this and that occasion which this country seems to be obsessively celebrating for no rhyme or reason except to ‘entertain’ the Malays, would it be too much to ask if the ‘Kerajaan’ can consider giving out the Qur’an translations to anyone who wants to learn about the Qur’an without charge?

Another annoying thing at the masjid is that the fellow giving out the sermon before the Call to prayer seems to enjoy listening to the sound of his own voice amplified and broadcasted through the masjid’s loudspeakers even after the Dzohor Azan has just been called!

While some people were already praying their Zohor prayers , the fellow was going full blast disturbing the peace of those who were performing their prayers!

I just don’t understand the way these fellows simply do not bother to consider the ‘kusyuk’ of others who are praying because they can’t wait for the fellow to finish his tirade and be on their way after fulfilling their obligations to Allah!

If any Majlis Agama Islam ‘officers’ are reading this, please nip this ‘problem’ in the bud!!!

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