April 13, 2024


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Office Politics-Talk is Cheap!!!

I am sure most of us are familiar with all the politics taking place in offices all over the planet.

Every office , no matter whether it is a government or private sector business set up has its fair share of those who are a burden to the department or company in which these ‘deadwood’ or ‘termites’ exist!

Let’s take for example, the company meeting. When the manager or head of department chairs the meeting and asks for opinions, no one would be brave enough to voice out their opinions upfront.

So, the manager would be under the impression that whatever decisions were announced were accepted by all present and the line of actions would be implemented.

It is then that these ‘deadwoods’ and ‘termites’ will start yakkety yak away in the background, eating away into the ‘productivity’ of the company or organisation.

Instead of just complaining behind the back of the administration, these ‘deadwoods’ and ‘termites’ should contribute productively to ensure that the department, organisation or company gets positive feedback or even constructive criticism to help solve the problem or problems.

Who knows? That bright spark of an idea emanting from that brain of the individual might be the very answer to the problem!

The problem is people sometimes fear change and relocation. If the place of work isn’t suitable for them, they should quit and go find a position where they feel comfortable and able to work with a full heart instead of being a lousy termite or rotten deadwood!

As Confucious says’ Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to ‘work’ a day in your life!’

What say you?

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