September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The double standards of the American and British Governments!

I can’t help but just shake my head in disgust and dismay about the way the sovereign nations of the world today are being threatened with being invaded and attacked by the socalled superpowers of the human race!

These colonial and imperialist terrorist administrations who are in actual fact the hoarders and manufacturers of Weapons of Mass Destruction have the audacity to demand that other sovereign nations especially any Muslim nation not to even dream of harnessing atomic and nuclear energy for use in their countries!

Why is it that they can turn blind to the Regime of Israel amassing it’s nuclear arsenal and pretend to argue with North Korea’s proliferation of atomic and nuclear warheads?

Why is it that so many other countries can build and keep nuclear weapons but the minute Iran starts harnessing atomic energy for it’s consumption, it’s a bloody no no!??

The double standards of these true terrorists rogue administrations of the socalled free world is sickeningly revolting and I condemn this bullying by George Bush and his ball carrier Tony Blair!

I received this link showcasing the letter sent by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the murdering President of the USA. Click on the link and read the full text of the letter for yourself and see whether it is going to change anything of the Bush ‘s warfaring ways!

When leaders are so bloody hardheaded and prefer wreaking havoc onto the lifes of billions of other humanbeings instead of seeking the peaceful way out, this world is nearing Armageddon very soon!

Not only are they so paranoid, they are also recalcitrant! They will also die one of these days and the whole world will say ‘ Good riddance!’ I’ll be among the first to say ‘ Praise be to God for relieving the planet of such maniacs!

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