September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Free the Friday Sermon Pulpit from the Government Red Tape!

Every Friday prayer that I attend lately, I can’t help but notice sections of the congregation falling into deep slumber due to the boring and irrevelant topics being read by the Imams and Khatibs of the many mosques that I frequent!

Some of the topics that the Imams and Khatibs are being forced to read to the congregation are totally out of touch with the many issues affecting the people’s lifes and are almost always ‘safe topics’ that seem to ask the people to be as the 3 ‘See No Evil; Hear No Evil; Speak No Evil monkeys’ oblivious to whatever is going on in society nowadays!

When I ask the Imams as to the reason why they are reading the outdated issues and matters that are no longer relevant to the problems affecting the Ummah, the Imams complain that JAKIM issue them prepared Friday Khutbah scripts which they have to read failing which they will face action from the authorities!

Any sermons that they make on their own will see them being called up by JAKIM and asked to show cause!

No wonder that mosques which are not run by the government appointed mosque committees usually are jampacked and the congregation overflows for the people want to hear about matters that concern them and need straight from the Imam’s heart and mind’s sermons!

The mosque must be made free from any party’s propaganda and the Ummah given the right guidance from the Friday pulpit!

I have written before about using multimedia to liven up the Friday Sermon. Terengganu has already done it .

When are the other states going to wake up and free the Friday congregation from boredom listening to the Imam’s droning on and on about matters that do not concern the Ummah in the present times?

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