September 23, 2023


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Tun Dr.Mahathir Muhammad – Pak Lah’s Mentor or Nemesis?

Tun Dr.Mahathir Muhammad, our former Prime Minister who is recorded in history as Malaysia’s most formidable and powerful leader to date is in the media limelight nowadays as being critical of the current BN leadership!

Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi is one beleagured figure who must be having a terrible case of insomnia nowadays due to his former mentor and current nemesis smashing his decisions to stop building the proposed bridge to replace the aging causeway connecting the Malaysian peninsular to the island republic of Singapore!

Tun Dr.Mahathir has always been known to speak his mind and he doesn’t pull punches when he wants to say anything to anyone! His 22 long years of ruling this nation is not something easily forgotten for the nation did change from being an agricultural based former British colony to becoming one of South East Asia’s emerging dynamic nations!

No one is perfect and neither is Tun Dr.Mahathir. He is both hated by all his opponents and loved by those who see in him as a no nonsense leader , who has the guts to smash down on anyone who tries to be funny with him!

He is known to keep tabs on all his cabinet ministers and no one dared to challenge his decisions when he was in power! Total control! During his watch, we all saw 3 Deputy Prime Ministers bite the dust before he finally handed over power to Abdullah Badawi, the current PM!

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is not known to be firm and even when he attempts to portray himself as being in charge, no one really takes him serious.

The cabinet ministers are mostly made up of remnants of Tun Mahathir’s lineup in the likes of Najib Tun Razak, Samy Vellu, Ling Liong Sik, Rafidah Aziz, Muhyiddin Yassin, etc.

Those who follow Malaysian politics are all too familiar with each minister’s reputation and track records. Abdullah Badawi seems reluctant to remove those who have been clenching their iron grips on to their ministerial posts since the days of yore when Tun Mahathir sported sideburns !

Tun Mahathir today seems like regretting his decision to have stepped down from power. I think there’s not much he can do to stop the rot!

The present leadership do not seem to be bothered about his statements and condemnation of the government’s decisions and the way they are going about with their policies in dealing with Singapore’s kiasu leaders!

Shahrir Samad, Hamid Albar and Nazri Aziz who used to be those who kowtow’ed to Tun Mahathir today have openly voiced out their displeasure over Tun’s statements to the extent of even seeming to be rude to him!

Tun Dr.Mahathir won’t keep quiet at this upstarts attempts to silence him! Watch out for the sparks and fireworks due to spew forth from this known statesman! The media world seems to be rubbing their hands with anticipation of more verbal warfare between Tun Dr.Mahathir and those who used to cower with their tails between their asses when before him when he was the numero uno ruler of Malaysia!

Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak seem to be awfully tongue tied being faced with this unexpected turn of events due to Tun Dr. Mahathir’s vocal outbursts against the government!

What are we gonna witness after this? Clearly this is a momentous moment in the annals of our nation’s political scene!

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