April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Colonial Mentality of the Commenting Parasites!

Those of you who have been reading this blog will notice how I have been allowing two individuals come in with the ‘colonialist mentality’, lambasting me, picking unwarranted arguments, and so on with no bloody rhyme or reason except that they have chosen me to be their object of hate and ridicule!

I can only bear so much in allowing these two imbeciles room to say as they please in my blog!

My blog! Yeah!!! This is MY FREAKING BLOG!!!

Get that into your screwed up heads you moronus ignoramuses! Shalu and ‘Warrior2’!!!

I have had enough of both of your rants and raves and am now banning both of you from my blog!

Unlike both of you who demand that we give in to your wishes and allow you to come in as you please and shit all over anybody’s blog as both of you desire, I draw the line right here for both of you imbeciles!

Both of you have nothing worthy to share with the rest of the world as clearly shown in both of your individual blogs!

What have you got to say or share with the others? Nothing but HATRED, RIDICULE and wisecracks!

The reason why so many bloggers out there do not allow freaking critics like you to go in and cause distress in their blogs is because IT IS THEIR PERSONAL BLOGS!!!

Unlike both of your screwed up demands that people ALLOW YOU UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO THEIR COMMENTS AREA, normal decent wise people have the right to screen and filter out riff raff like you from their lifes!

A blog is the personal private weblog of a person’s thoughts and viewpoints that record their feelings about anything they feel strongly about and want to keep as a record of such moments in their lifes!

Both of your demands that bloggers like me allow you free access and unmoderated comments to my blog reflects the lack of respect for another’s domain and personal space in this cyberworld.

It is like an illegal immigrant asking the sovereign government of any nation to shut the hell up and allow unmitigated access to the louse to go in and cause mayhem to that country and do nothing about it!

Normal, decent, civic minded people have the courtesy to ask permission to enter, know how to speak to people whom they are visiting and are expected to exercise proper decorum when visiting the domain of another.

Even if you are allowed access to enter another’s private and personal space , it is incumbent upon you to use fair speech, good manners while you are in the comments space and leave with wishing the person well or end your comments nicely.

Both of you lack the decency to do all that hence I am no longer going to put up with the likes of you.

Such abusive mannerism is the very thing that drives most bloggers to block comments altogether. If you don’t like it, you can go to hell! Nice and simple!

Based on both of your postings before, you are just Colonialists of the blogging space who leave mayhem and destruction in your wake.

As cyberspace vandals and graffiti leavers, both of you are just like the rascals out in the world out there who leave marks of your arrogance and egoistical tantrums in other people’s blogs as signs of your foul presence!

‘Warrior was here! or Shalu was here!

I am closing my commenting space because of the way both of you have abused my courtesy in allowing you to come in in the first place.

You are scum of the cyberspace and the bloggers out there will agree with me for they too have experienced the distress both of you cause!

Please do not bother to comment or email me for I will delete them without reading your filth.

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