September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Qullu Nafsin Za Iqatul Maut! Everything that lives shall taste Death!

“Qullu nafsin iza iqatul maut” meaning ‘Everything that lives shall taste death!’
Al-Qur’an Surah Al-Imran Verse 185

Verily Death is a process that will come to every living being, every organism and every creation according to the Will of God!

Not a second faster or a second later than what has been ordained on it by Allah the Almighty.

A Hadith of the Blessed Messenger, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam explains in detail the process of the ‘Ruuh’ @ The Soul leaving the body!

“Huwa Qadru Tsalatsimi-Ati Dharbatin Biss Saiff!”

meaning ‘The pain of Death is likened to the pain of being slashed with a sword 300 times!’

Hadith related by Imam Ibnu Abi Dunya.

For the Mukmin (those who are true believers) the ‘Ruuh’ is extracted in the gentlest manner by the Malaikatul Maut @ Angel of Death -Saiyidina Izra’il Alaihis salam greatly reducing the pain of their death to very slight sensations of pain.

To the Disbelievers @ Kaffirs, Hypocrites @ Munafiqs and the Musyriks, the Soul is ripped out with the greatest of force by the Angel of Death!

God knows best! We will all find out when our time is up, won’t we?

When a humanbeing is due to die and on his or her deathbed, their mouths will be sealed (spiritually) and 4 Malaikats @ Angels will come to him or her.

The 1st Malaikat @ Angel will greet them with the salam and proclaim ‘ I am the Malaikat @ Angel to whom has been entrusted your quota of sustenance @ Rezeki from the East to the West of this Earthly abode . Verily your sustenance has run out and I can’t find anything more for you’.

The 2nd Malaikat @ Angel will come to them , give the salam and say’ I am the Malaikat @ Angel to whom has been entrusted your quota of drink from water sources or others. I have searched from the East to the West of this Earthly abode and can find not a drop more for you. Verily your time has come, please be ready.’

Then comes the 3rd Malaikat @ Angel who greets them with the salam and then proclaims ‘ I am the one to whom has been entrusted your breaths. I have searched from East to the West of this Earthly abode and have found not a breath more left for you!’

Finally enters the 4th Malaikat @ Angel who upon greeting the person with the salam says ‘ I am the one to whom has been entrusted your time of death. Please be ready to return to your Lord within this hour!’

Then comes the 2 Malaikats @ Angels ascribed to each and everyone of us the Malaikats Kiramul Katibin @ Raqeeb and A’teed with our Records of Deeds from the right and the left of us.

The Malaikat of our right @ Raqeeb greets us : ‘May peace be upon you. I am the one entrusted with your record of good deeds. Here is your record of good deeds, please take it.’

Then our records of good deeds comes out forth as a scroll of white sheet and we will be happy and pleased to receive it.

The Malaikat of our left @ A’teed then greets us with ‘ May peace be upon you! I am the one entrusted to record your every sins! Here they are . Please accept it!’

Then comes forth a black scroll full of our recorded sins and we would break out in cold sweat in fear and loathing.

Both Malaikats @ Angels then leave our deathbed leaving our records of deeds with us.

Enters then the Malaikatul Ma’ut @ The Angel of Death -Saiyidina Izra’il Alaihis salam. On our right will stand the Malaikat Rahmat @ the Angel of Mercy and on our left will stand the Malaikat Azab @ the Angel of Torture.

So , depending on our last acts and state of belief, our ‘Ruuh’ @ Soul will be treated accordingly. Some of us will have our souls taken out with a single pull , some will suffer , some will die in peace.

When our soul is already at our throats, the Malaikatul Maut will take our souls as per our fate is destined .

If we are among the blessed, the Malaikat Rahmat @ Angel of Mercy will call out to us. If we are among those who are accursed, then the Malaikat Azab @ Angel of Torture will call out our name!

The Malaikatul Maut then brings forth the soul to be presented to Allah, Lord Almighty , Master of all the Worlds.

If the soul is among those who are blessed, Allah SWT then commands ‘ Return the soul to it’s home and let it witness its home after it’s depart.’

The Angel then escorts the soul to its home and it sees for itself who is saddened by it’s no longer being there and who isn’t. The soul is not given the power of speech. So, it just watches silently.

The soul will then be brought back to it’s remains in the grave to be interrogated by the Malaikats Mungkar and Naqir. The Interview of the Grave .

I will continue with this in the next posting.

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