September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Anti Petrol Price Hike Demo No Show

I was at the KLCC area this afternoon after the Friday prayers ready to take part in protesting against the recent fuel price hike by the ruling oppressors of the Malaysian citizens!

I and many others were looking forward to be among the demonstrators and we were all gathering right at the entrance to the ISETAN Suria KLCC where the fully armed Federal Reserve Units were waiting with 5 of their anti riot trucks and water cannons!

Talk about going straight to the lion’s den! hehehehehe…big letdown!!!

The main body of the protestors were not allowed to approach the Petronas Twin Towers which were mentioned as being the gathering area in the earlier postings by PAS here in Malaysia Today!

After waiting for an hour or so but with no signs of anyone protesting , the crowd started to dissipate and dispersed into the KLCC mall.

So much for the much awaited and anticipated mass protest!

What a letdown! Only after returning home and logging on to the internet did I learn that the main protest was at the Nikko Hotel area and blocked from approaching the Twin Towers!

What a shame! Anyway, it’s past and done with. Maybe I will get to be in the next protest if there ever is!

In the meantime, my fervent hope is that the Malaysian voters will rise up to the occasion and kick out these oppressors in 2008!

Failing which, life here in Malaysia is gonna be one disappointing episode in the future!!

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