August 2, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Have we ever thought for a second about our existence here on Earth?


Assalamualaikum. Peace be upon you.

This is the greeting of those of us who are Muslims. Muslims meaning mankind who worship Allah, God Almighty who created all of us, the entire mankind from earth, collected from all parts of the planet Earth by the mighty angel Izrael (alaihissalam) when commanded to do so by Allah the Most Majestic.

The information that I am going to share with you my reader is a free-flowing mix of information gleaned from my 38 over years of realising my faith and learning from my masters and scholars whom I have been privileged to learn from and get to understand a wee bit about the Oceans of Information that is to be found in Islam.

I say 38 years because 10 years of our early life is not to be counted for from birth to childhood of reaching the age of 10, we are not held accountable for our sins and mistakes that we commit out of ignorance!

Being 48 now, has been a terrific sense of living, both good, bad and ugly, a vast sea of experiences that make up my life to which I have no regrets, absolutely!

I got to learn from my local Imams, my many Ustaz’s, the respectable Shaikh’s and Doyens of Ilm’ that I was lucky to have met and learned from and still do today from the vast knowledge that is to be found everywhere on Earth and from this wonderful treasure trove of stored information in the WorldWideWeb! I love knowledge and maybe might even get to learn from you, my respected visitor. To learn is to be able to understand and appreciate Life!

I was also blessed to be in the Tariqah Naqsyabandiah of which I still consider myself to be a mureed even though since emigrating to the nation’s capital from my home island state of Penang, I have yet to go visit the KL Zawiya in Damansara!

One learns many things from all sources and needs to figure out which are the Haqq and which are the Batil, depending on one’s sense of evaluation as to what makes sense and what doesn’t.

One thing I have come to learn and still practice is not to go overboard in any of my learnings and following of the various schools of learnings in Islam. I believe it is best to follow the advice of the Prophet SAW not to be extreme in anything. Being moderate when we need to but ready to defend ourselves, our faith and our families to whatever extent the situation warrants for.

To enjoin the good, forbid the bad and to speak out when needed to. So far, I have been on track with my principles.

We can’t please each and every soul that comes into our life! We just act and react accordingly with wisdom and based upon our prior experiences!

That takes years of learning, making mistakes and once realising it, get back to square one and start all over again.

It’s not easy. Life is a series of ups and downs. There are times when our level of faith is so high that even before the Muazzin @ the Caller of the Azan is ready in the masjid @ mosque, one is already with ablution and ready for prayer!

There are also times when circumstances and conditions of one’s Iman @ faith is so low that even if the Muazzin were to come over and bellow into one’s eardrums, the blessed Azan, one wouldn’t bother to stir awake from one’s sleep or deep slumber!

Even, our Iman @ Faith has its bulls and bears, just like the stock market! We each have a high tide and low tide of our strength of Belief and strength of convictions. We answer for our own individual deeds.

Life, is a series of adjustments.

Each and every one of us have a story to tell, an experience that is both unique and quite extraordinary. A story that we feel if made into a movie, will be a blockbuster! Having crowds of people queue up for hours at the cinemas to watch the story of our life’s!

But not everyone can escape the sad, sordid, embarrassing moments that take place in our individual life’s! Even people whom the world thinks that they are so good, so holy can in a split-second commit sin and all their years of being good before God disintegrate before realising their folly! No one’s safe from committing the blunders in life!

Our sins that we commit thinking no one else knows forgetting that for each and every second of our life’s, we are under continuous monitoring by Allah the Almighty and that each and every deed of us is being recorded by the pair of Malaikats @ Angels that every soul is equipped with.

These Malaikats @ Angels are Raqib on our right shoulder and Atid on our left. These are the two Malaikats to whom we give salaams @ greetings to when we complete our Solat @ Prayers.

This sort of information is not something you learn from anywhere. This information concerns the hidden spiritual world. Knowledge such as this is taught by those in Tasawuf.

Sure, there are some who go astray in their pursuit of such mystical and mysterious information but if we were to dismiss the spiritual world off just like that, then we stand denying the very essence of our being!

Each and every one of us is living proof that there exists a fine balance in ourselves of being mortal and immortal.

We have a living spirit in each of ourselves that in Arabic is called ‘Ruh’.

The Malay word for it is around the same. It is spelled as ‘Ruh’. The English word for it is ‘soul’.

This soul is imbued into our mortal being on loan from Allah SWT. Each of us are given a timeframe to live our life’s in. When is our date of expiry?

No one knows except for those who take their lives in their hands and commit suicide!

The forbidden crime that sends the soul straight to Hellfire for God so hates those who do so out of their not trusting God with their destiny or fate!

We all have experienced individually times that have driven us up the wall and if not for our sheer inner strength and fortitude, we too might have taken the easy cowardly way out save for our faith that whatever calamity we were facing at that moment will soon pass and things will settle down.

Most times, things do settle down but there are also times which turn worse for the sufferers who if they were weak at those moments would be saying, ” If only I had done this or that, I would not be in this deep @#$%!”

All those challenging moments need a sense of self wisdom derived from years of getting and learning about such knowledge as Tasawuf!

I am only a simple student who has many more things to learn before claiming to know all there is in Tasawuf! I don’t think anyone of us ever will!

Depending on the manner in which it is taught and by whom it is conveyed, the information about the hidden world is both very exciting and also frightening.

It involves the level of spiritual perception that the individual has come to learn and experience in the individual’s personal journey of gleaning knowledge!

Some get to understand it quickly and easily like a fish takes to water. Some however flounder on the beach and can’t make heads or tails out of it.

To each, their own. I happened to be fortunate to get an inkling of it and for me , it’s already mind bewildering. Yet at times, it makes sense.

Coming to realise a wee bit about the many hidden realms of Life as we know it , makes me feel more miniscule when I think of the Greatness and Majesty of Allah, the Supreme Creator, Cherisher, Sustainer of All the Worlds and the myriads of the Universes that He, the Almighty has created in such splendour and in so infinite detail that being here as a mere mortal humanbeing, I can’t help but feel so much in awe of the Greatness of God! Masyaallah!!!

All my life’s experiences are nothing compared to the wondrous nature and beautiful sense of balance of Life that the Almighty has effected into ‘Being’!

How do I start? Where do I start to tell you the story of how each and everything right before us will not exist without the Will of God?

Not an atom, not a molecule will move unless and until God’s Will commands it to be so!

It seems just like yesterday that we were carried in our mother’s wombs. It seems just like the day before when we were born out of our mother’s wombs to this wondrous life that we have come to live in and experience all the myriads of incidents and circumstances that add color to our life’s and still does.

If we were to record all of the experiences, we have had in our individual life’s, we would be so exhausted with fatigue in recording each and every detail of what took place and all that we went through in our life’s!

Rooms and rooms of storage space would have to be created to keep our books of deeds as evidence of our existence.

Yet the Almighty God, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala in His Wondrous Powers has His Ways in preserving trillions and gazillions of each and every individual’s lifes records on Earth since time immemorial!

Each and every one of us are created unique and special by Allah Azza Wa Jalla.

Not one soul on Earth is an exact duplicate of anyone else! Since Creation!!!

We differ from each and every other person ever born into this Earth from the very second of our creation by Allah right to the day we die and pass away into the realm of the Spiritual World.

Such is the greatness of God that He exercises His Awesome Powers to finish each creation with such finesse!

Human scientists who try to dabble in the works of God, are still perplexed as to the infinite balance of wisdom and sense of purpose that each and every creation makes and has been imbued with by the Master of all the Worlds!

I will start soon with my next discourse of what I have come to learn about Life. It is all from my own perspective and from my own experiences. If you are keen to know what I am going to share with you, please come visit me again here and maybe you might want to pitch in with your own individual life stories.

I would be pleased to read them too. Make it decent for reading and please keep out any not fit to be published material. Thanks.

Have a great positive day. Insya Allah!

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi ta’ala wabarakatuh.