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Why it is wrong for Muslims to follow the Tabligh?

I have been studying the Tabligh Jama’at since 1988.

Back in Penang, these Tabligh ‘Qarquns’ @ followers will congregate at the Masjid Benggali in Georgetown especially every Thursday evenings.

They gather there in large numbers coming from all over the island and from the Province Wellesley, Kedah, Perlis, Perak, all other states in the peninsular, Sabah Sarawak and even from other countries of the world for congregational prayers!

After the ‘Bayan’ @ Sermon by the Amir Sahab @ Leader, they will be asked to give their names to join a 3 days, 40 days or 4 months ‘dakwah walkabout’ in small groups to places designated by the Majlis @ the Tabligh Board of Amirs as their ‘going in the way of Allah’!

Even back then, I knew that there was something wrong about the way these chaps used to be going about their ways.

I saw people just following blindly the Tablighi’s ways without really knowing the basics of the faith, without learning the Fardhu Ain, without knowing the proper ways of Islam but just putting up a front of looking religious and acting religious!

Wayward youths and drug addicts or alcoholics were roped in by these groups and asked to follow them in going from surau to surau, mosque to mosque in the notion of going on a religious journey.

Persons who don’t know zilch about the faith of Islam start to grow wispy beards, put on a skull cap or any sort of headwear especially the ones sewn from scrap cloth and fashioned from the styles of those from the Indian subcontinent, or the type worn by the Afghanis.

They would start sporting a jubah, start learning how to wrap a ‘serban’ @ turban and start learning to polish their teeth using a ‘miswak’ @ tooth stick!

All these while, these Tabligh ‘Qarquns’ would be in the impression that they are performing ‘dakwah’ @ Islamic Propagation and will just be going along with the ‘Amir’ @ Leader appointed, and start going from door to door of the Muslims of the localities that they have chosen to ‘ziarah’ @ visit!

Now, you should see how preposterous it would be for these ‘Muslim’ version of the Christian Jehovah’s Witnesses or Bible thumpers, going around knocking on the doors of the Muslim residents to ask the residents to join them in the prayers at the residents own suraus @ small prayer centres or the residents own mosques!

At times, these Tablighi’s would go knocking on the door of the local Imam @ Prayer Leader of the very surau or mosque that they @ the Tablighi’s are visiting! Asking the Imam to join them in prayer!!!:D

Really outrageous when such a thing happens!!!

It’s like a classic tale of trying to teach the old duck how to swim!!!

Such are the Tablighi’s! Deviant, cowardly, unbelievably stubborn and they refuse to listen to reason for they have been indoctrinated in such a way by their Amirs to not mix with anyone who doesn’t follow them in their deviant ways!

“Jamaa ‘at al-Tableegh” is one of the groups that are claiming to be working for Islam.

Their efforts in calling people to Allah (da ’awah) cannot be denied. But like many other groups they do make some mistakes, and some points should be noted concerning them.

These points may be summed up as follows, noting that these mistakes may vary within this group, depending on the environment and society in which they find themselves.

In societies in which knowledge and scholars are prevalent and the mazhab of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jamaah is widespread, the mistakes are much less; in other societies these mistakes may be greater.

Some of their mistakes are:

1 – Not adopting the ‘aqeedah of Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah. This is clearly seen from the variations in the ‘aqeedah of some of their members and even of some of their leaders.

2 – Their not paying attention to knowledge of the Syariah. I have opened my doors many a times to bumbling ‘Qarquns’ who can’t make sense of their bumbling speech in trying to ask me to join them in ‘worrying’ about Islam!

Sometimes, I’d turn the tables on my visitors and end up ‘preaching’ to the ‘greenies’ 😛 Can’t help myself at times 😀

3 – Their misinterpretation of some Qur’anic verses in a manner that was not intended by Allah.

For example, they interpret the verses on jihad as referring to “going out for da’wah”. The verses which mentioned the word khurooj (going out) etc. are interpreted by them as meaning going out for da’wah.

4 – They make their system of going out for da’wah an act of worship. So, they started to misquote the Qur’an to support their system which specifies certain numbers of days and months.

This system, which they think is based on evidence from Qur’an, is widespread among them in all countries and environments.

5 – They do some things that go against Shariah, such as appointing one of them to make do’a for them whilst the group goes out for dakwah and they think that their success or failure depends on whether or not this man was sincere and his prayer accepted.

6 – Da’eef (weak) and maw doo’ (fabricated) hadeeth are widespread among them, and this is not befitting for those who aim to call people to Allah.

7 – They do not speak of mungkar (evil things), thinking that enjoining what is good is sufficient. Hence, we find that they do not speak about evils that are widespread among the people, even though the slogan of this ummah – which they continually repeat – is : “Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good (Islam), enjoining Maa ‘roof (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do) and forbidding Al-Mungkar (polytheism and disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden). And it is they, who are the successful” (Al Qur’an Surah Al ‘Imraan Chapter 3: Verse 104 – interpretation of the meanings)

The successful are those who enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil, not just those who do only one of the two.

8 – Some of them fall into self-admiration and arrogance, which leads them to look down on others, and even to look down on the scholars and describe them as inactive and sleeping, or to show off. So you find them talking about how they went out and travelled, and they saw such and such, which leads to unfavourable results, as we have mentioned.

9 – They regard going out for dakwah as better than many acts of worship such as jihad and seeking knowledge, even though those things are obligatory duties, or may be obligatory for some people but not others.

10 – Some of them audaciously issue fatwas, and discuss tafsir and hadeeth.

That is because they allow each one of them to address the people and explain to them.

This leads to them speak audaciously on matters of Shariah. So, they inevitably speak of the meaning of a ruling, hadeeth or verse when they have not read anything about it, or listened to any of the scholars.

And some of them are new Muslims or have only recently come back to Islam.

11- Some of them are negligent with regard to the rights of their children and wives. Some of them join the Tabligh movement as a form of escapism!

They go on these ‘dakwah trips’ to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (the IPB countries) leaving their wives and children sometimes without any protection or funds to support the wife pay the bills, buy food for the family and other needs.

Just imagine the scenario where you have the ‘holy moly’ husband going away to ‘preach’ to others in faraway countries yet leaving their families exposed to dangers from all kinds of fitnah and the society at large!

We all are familiar with what type of society is prevalent today. Adultery, waywardness, immoral activities can all take place when the husband or the father figure is not at home!

Hence the scholars do not allow people to go out with them, except for those learned persons who want to help guide them and correct the mistakes that the Tablighi’s have fallen into.

We should not keep the people away from them altogether, rather we must try to correct their mistakes and advise them so that their efforts will continue and they will be correct according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

It’s not easy! I know. I have tried many a times to try and make the young and even old Tabligh Qarquns see the deviant ways that they are blindly following but it’s like talking to the wall!

Here are the Fatwa’s @ religious decrees of some of the respected Islamic Scholars concerning the wayward Jamaa ‘at al-Tableegh:

1 – Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Azeez ibn Baaz said:

“Jamaa’at al-Tableegh do not have proper understanding of the issues of ‘aqeedah, so it is not permissible to go out with them, except for one who has knowledge and understanding of the correct ‘aqeedah of Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah, so that he can guide them and advise them, and cooperate with them in doing good, because they are very active, but they need more knowledge and someone who can guide them of those who have knowledge of Tawheed and the Sunnah. May Allah bless us all with proper understanding of Islam and make us steadfast in adhering to it”.

Majmoo’ Fataawa al-Shaykh Ibn Baaz, 8/331

2 – Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan said:

“Going out for the sake of Allah does not refer to the kind of going out that they mean nowadays. Going out for the sake of Allah means going out to fight. What they call going out nowadays is a bidaah (innovation) that was not narrated from the salaf.

Going out to call people to Allah cannot be limited to a certain number of days, rather one should call people to Allah according to one’s abilities, without limiting that to a group or to forty days or more or less than that.

Similarly, the Daaiyah @ the Caller to Islam must have knowledge. It is not permissible for a person to call people to Allah when he is ignorant.

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Say (O Muhammad): This is my way; I invite unto Allah (i.e. to the Oneness of Allah — Islamic Monotheism) with sure knowledge”
(Al Qur’an Surah Yusuf Chapter 12: Verse 108)

In example: “with knowledge” because the Caller must know that to which he calls people, what is obligatory, enjoined, forbidden and not encouraged!

He has to know what shirk, sin, kufr, immorality and disobedience are; he has to know the degrees of denouncing evil and how to do it.

The kind of going out that distracts people from seeking knowledge is wrong, because seeking knowledge is an obligation, and it can only be achieved by learning, not by inspiration.

This is one of the misguided Sufi myths, because action without knowledge is misguidance, and hoping to acquire knowledge without learning is an illusion.

From Thalaath Mihaadaraat fi’l-‘Ilm wa’l-Da’wah.

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