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Self Destructive Ways of the Deviants

Shiite muslims, covered in their own blood, carrying swords and knives, marching through the streets of Nabatieh, Lebanon, commemorating the Day of Ashura (November 14, 2013). On Ashura Day, shiite muslims commemorate the death of Husayn Ibn Ali, grandson of the prophet Mohamed.

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Verily, Mankind have been created by Allah, God Almighty to be His Vicegerents @ Khalifahs upon this Earth, to protect the entire Creation and also themselves from unnecessary harm and destruction through their own misguidance and deviant actions by sending to them the countless Prophets and Messengers through time immemorial.

History records that the Prophets of Allah continued to guide their people by sharing with them the Revelations of Allah like the Kitab Zabur sent to the Prophet Daud @ David (pbuh*) , The Taurat @ Torah which was revealed to the Prophet Musa @ Moses, The Injeel to The Prophet Eesa the Son of Maryam @ Jesus Christ, the Son of the Virgin Mary and finally the Glorious Al Qur’an al Kareem to the Greatest and Holiest Messenger of God, the Prophet Muhammad ( Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam) .

The teachings of Islam have never asked its adherents, the Muslims to ever commit such self immolations, self destructive, self destroying acts in any way and there is not a single ayat @ verse in the Al Qur’an which asks us to harm ourselves whether by cutting, injuring, mutilating, burning, branding or blowing ourselves to bits using explosives or any other harmful medium!

Sadly, we see , in some nations where Islam is the main religion as in Iran, Iraq and other parts of the Middle East, acts which are being perpetrated upon themselves by misguided ‘Muslims’!

The bloody self mutilating acts called ‘Matam‘ is a glaring act of deviance that has no roots whatsoever in the teachings of Islam!

This self destructive act is being committed on the Shiites themselves by blindly following exhortations of those irresponsible mullahs and other religious figures supposedly to remember the murder of the martyr Saiyidina Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib, one of the grandson of the Blessed Messenger in Karbala, Iraq!

The reality is that such acts are against the teachings of Islam and they do not contribute whatsoever to the cause of Islam!

Not worth even a single blessing for it is simply an act of the Jahilliyyah @ the days of Ignorance where people used to cause hurt to themselves as an act of penance to their idols which they took to be their gods!

It is simply absurd for people living in these modern times to blindly follow groundless practices that should be dumped into the dustbins of History!

With the revelation of Islam in its Complete and Perfect manners by Rasulullah SAW to us , it is preposterous for the people who call themselves Shiites and claim to be in the ways of the Ahlul Bayt @ Family of the Prophet to be doing all these kinds of disastrous acts to themselves in the name of faith and act of religion! Far from it, these acts are not Islamic in any way!!!

These self-flagellations are a gross breach of faith and graphic self-abuse which goes against the very teachings of Islam.

Those of you who are not Muslim and reading this posting, please understand that there are many deviant teachings and acts taking place today blasphemously, in the Name of Allah and Islam!

There is no obligation for a Muslim to cut him or herself or their children to shed blood for the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (may his soul be blessed)!

The best way to show our love and respect for the Prophet SAW , his Blessed Family(may Allah shower his blessings upon them all), His Blessed Companions (may Allah be content with them) and every other of our beloved families , friends and fellow Muslims is to pray for them and ask Allah the Most Merciful for whatever we want them to be blessed with!

It is totally outrageous for those who call themselves Muslims and love the heritage of the Prophet SAW to be doing these things!

Na uzu billah hi min zalik! May Allah SWT protect us from such ignorance! Ameen!

Shiite Muslims, covered in their own blood, carrying swords and knives, marching through the streets of Nabatieh, Lebanon, commemorating the Day of Ashura (November 14, 2013). On Ashura Day, Shiite Muslims commemorate the death of Husayn Ibn Ali, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

This is not called for in Islam! Cutting oneself to bleed like this is not enjoined in any of the Prophet’s Hadith nor is there any ruling to do so in the Qur’an!

The ones who do this are clearly ignorant of this wonderful Way of Life that Allah SWT has revealed to all mankind!

I call upon them to stop doing this bida’ah!

Stop this useless self-harming misdeed that ridicules our truthful faith!

The Prophet SAW (pbuh) never asked us to do this! What a sheer waste and idiotic act of these Shiites!

You would do better to be a good Muslim and improve yourself in the ways that are enjoined by Allah the Most Compassionate and our Holy Messenger the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

I have no enmity towards the Shiites except feel pity for them that in these times of easy access to information, they still choose to inflict such gross acts upon themselves and their loved ones.

I can’t understand how one can take a blade and cut one’s own child whom one has carried in her womb for nine months or so have the heart to do so?

What sort of sick, demented mother can do such a thing?

Even an animal defends its young from harm and Life records countless episodes of the animal parent die in its attempts to safeguard its young from other predators!

What kind of brainwashing has been taking place under guise of religious doctrine in these lands?

We all acknowledge that for each deed or misdeed, we will all be rewarded or punished accordingly by the Almighty in the hereafter! Maybe these people are too far-gone in their deviance that they simply have become blind to the actual teachings of Islam!

I wonder what must be going on in that young innocent child’s mind suffering such pain and bleeding from a cut inflicted by his stupid mom, smirking stupidly from her misguided action?

What kind of sick, unfeeling society are they allowing to fester in those lands where prophets and holy men walked upon?

What is the point of all these useless Jahiliya practices they allow to be committed in the name of Saiyidina Hussein bin Ali ibni Abi Talib, the martyr of Karbala?

Will such bleeding bring back the life of the departed? What difference is there between such people and the others who willingly self-destruct themselves through all kinds of stupid acts?

Yes, they should really cry for their ignorance and for allowing such acts of bida’ah continue to take place in their lands where the anbiya’s, and the auliya’s, once lived and left revelations that have sadly been polluted by ignorance and misguidance!

Those mullahs are answerable to God Almighty for allowing such sins go on unopposed and unstopped!

They will be shouldered with the sins of all the deviant masses committing blasphemy and nonsense taking place under guise of religion!

All this blood has been shed in vain! Blood that would have been better used to save the life of the sick in the hospitals!

Blood that could have been used to further research in the fields of science and medicine!

Blood that could have been better used to be kept in the countries blood banks for use in times of emergencies!

Come to think of it, I have a wonderful suggestion for the Shiites!

Next Ashoora, instead of you cutting yourself up and bleeding in the streets for nothing, why don’t you all queue up at the nearest blood banks and do the right thing?

Go and donate your precious blood and help save the life of another human being instead of looking sick and stupid before the rest of the world!

Islam does not ask the Muslims to go to such extent of self-destruction! Non-Muslims reading this post, please understand that such acts are absolutely Un-Islamic!

They never have been, and they never will be accepted by God Almighty! Never!

May they eventually come to see the light and stop this nonsense soon!!! Amen!

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