March 21, 2023


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The Hijab, a Poem in Modesty

A hijab is but a shelter that covers a woman’s modesty,
Protecting the honor of a lady from the harmful glares of society,
A piece of garment that raises one’s sense of nobility,
Differentiates the chaste from those who live in futility.

Praised be the One who enjoined us to cover,
The fragrance and beauty likened to that of a blooming flower,
Only to be enjoyed by the man who has the authority and power,
The man who is thy husband, thy friend and thy lover!

Glory be to Allah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim,
For protecting the muslimah from succumbing to her nafs at her whim,
Surely in the Day of Reckoning the hijabis will truly find,
That those who don’t cover will be the ones who are deemed so blind
That they can’t sense that by covering themselves in modesty,
Their status as honourable women are appreciated by society!

By Zainol Abideen
KL Muslims Society
Feb 23rd 2006

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